He Thought His 13 Year Old Neighbor Was Cute So He Did This To Her For Years! Her Parents NEVER Knew!

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When little Madison Reed was only thirteen years old, something hideous began taking place in her life that she would not find out about for another five years.

Madison’s neighbor, creepy middle aged Bradley McCollum, thought little miss Reed was just so darn irresistible that he decided to sneak into her family’s home and hide cameras in her bedroom so he could watch her anytime he wanted, which he did, for the next four years!

Basically, McCollum, 48 at the time of the camera’s discoveries, watched Reed go through puberty. He enjoyed private sessions of watching the teen bath, dress, undress, and do God knows what else while she was erroneously under the belief that she was in the privacy of her own bedroom.

Reed’s father grew suspicious one day when he saw McCollum lurking around his daughter’s bedroom in their house. She was not there at the time, but it still seemed strange. Reed’s mother would later go into the room and find a camera, just smaller than a smart phone, hidden under some papers. Another camera was discovered in an electrical outlet.

Now, the craziest part of all of this? McCollum was granted a plea deal where he will spend two years in prison, but since he plead, he will NOT have to register as a sex offender. Once again, it seems that only the criminals in America have rights.

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  • Warren Gacsi

    Don’t ya think a guy like that should have his tools surgically removed with a chain saw?

    • Rob

      A rusty hacksaw!

  • …and what did Reeds father do to McCollum when he found out?