He Had A Nosebleed For Two Days, And What Doctors Found In His Lungs Is Insane

in lungs

Warning- the enlargement of the image above, which you are about to see below, is VERY graphic. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. However, this story is important to read, because it may just save your life. Okay, firstly, let’s get the nasty picture out of the way. Have a look.

blood clot

What you are looking at is a nasty blood clot that was pulled from a man’s lungs. He had a nose bleed for two days, and when it wouldn’t stop, he went to the doctor. It turns out, his nose was bleeding because this clot was in his lungs. No doubt, had he let it go and not sought medical treatment, he would have died. I mean, how can you live for any reasonable amount of time with a blood clot that large in your lungs?

The image and the story was taken from a Reddit user. The man was said to be in his 80’s. At that age, this might have just been what was going to put him in his grave. We’re glad it didn’t. Live on, old timer. Live on!

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