He Dressed Up And “Identified” As A Woman- Sneaked Into The Lady’s Room- And Then…

tranny busted

Anyone with even a lick of common sense, or the ability to think for themselves, and not take the regurgitated media rhetoric in regard to all things of our time as gospel, could have seen this coming.

Despite Muslim terrorists trying to kill everyone non-Muslim around the world, a terrible economy, world hunger, and a million other worthy causes one could come up with, Americans have been transfixed (pun intended) on whether or not men should be able to use the women’s restrooms in public places because they identify as a female.

Well, here’s one story out of Macy’s Department store in New York that shows those of us who didn’t think this was such a good idea are not as “square and backward” as the liberal media wants to make us appear to be.

33 year old Jason Pomare decided to dress up like a woman and claim to identify as a woman so he could easily gain LEGAL access to the women’s room at Macy’s. Once inside, he set up a hidden camera and proceeded to record women and children of all ages using the bathroom.

A very observant lady eventually used the restroom and could see the camera’s recording light. She reported it to store security, and Pomare was apprehended, arrested and charged. He faces six counts of illegal behavior to gratify sexual desires, and faces up to six months in prison and a $1000 fine. Watch for this to become common place going forward.

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  • Oh let’s tear this one apart! On 3.. 1..2..3… Lets go!

    First, this case happened 3 years ago in 2013, not recently as the article implies. Second, this happened in California, not New York. It did happen at a Macy’s so I’ll give this horrid excuse for an article a pass there. Third, theres no proof that he claimed to be a woman, and at that time, in 2013, there was no laws barring men from using the ladies room. Oh, I like the mention of Islam at the beginning which has nothing to do with this, at all. But hey, good job!