Have You Had Enough??? This Bumper Sticker About Islam And Obama Will Shock You!!!


Now here is a bumper sticker that I can get behind.



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  • Charles Douglas

    where do it get one from

  • Love to have this on my pickup, lol! Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul!

    • jferal

      We think alike. Send me a friend request. Glenn Nile. Spca volunteer photo is me.

      • Just followed you. Do you mean a friend request on Facebook? If so, it will be next week until I can send it, I am on the last days of a 30 day ban on Facebook, or calling Obama a Fa*! Only my fifth of sixth ban for talking about the Kenyan Queen Pig, Liberals, and Satan’s Islam. I take it as a badge of Honor, lol!

      • Just found you on Facebook, Glenn, but I am still banned for five days and two hours more, lol! Or you can send me one, Billy Ray Whitfield. Will be hollering at you after my ban! I can’t even send personal messages, all I can do is “Like” a post, but I am not allowed to “Like” the comments, lol! But, it is all part of the Liberal Idiocy that will be put in it’s place, soon as PRESIDENT TRUMP takes the Helm!

  • Craig Stewart

    I will buy one.. whos making them.