Has Eric Holder Left The W.H. To Become The Man Behind The Curtain For Gun Grabs And False Flags?


News of the shooting in Charleston South Carolina has made its way around the world. Interestingly, only hours before the writing of this piece, there was another mass shooting in America that even most Americans have still not heard about.

The recent shooting took place in Philadelphia. An unknown assailant, who’s still not been apprehended as of the time of this writing, walked into a block party, with a shotgun, and just began shooting. He shot seven people, including two children, ages two years and eighteen months. (Read story by clicking on this blue sentence). 

Could it be, because the crime in Philly was allegedly perpetrated by a black man upon black victims? And that pales in sensational comparison to a white man shooting nine black people, re: Charleston?

We’ve known for years that Holder has been a key player in disarming Americans. Could he actually be the man behind the curtain, now that he’s out of Hussein Obama’s administration, orchestrating shootings from behind the scenes?

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