Has America’s Worst Serial Killer Returned From The Dead? Here’s A Hint… He’s NOT In His Grave!


What follows is an investigator’s personal notes compiled into a video by him.  H.H. Holmes may well have been the first and most prolific serial killer due in no small part to his activities during the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.  He is also a contender for Jack The Ripper, though there is only circumstantial guesswork placing him anywhere near London.  It includes a walk through what remains of Holmes’ murder castle, as well as (toward the end) some of the creepiest audio I have ever heard.  Holmes admitted to 27 murders, but was eventually tried and found guilty of the death of an accomplice… no evidence was ever found linking him to the murders he claimed.  Though he is documented as having died of strangulation by hanging and buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Pennsylvania, a legend has it that the stone is merely a memorial… that his corpse never made it to the site.

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