HA! Obama Tries To Attack Trump – Gets Hit Back With THIS

obama attacks trump

So, Hussein Obama thought he’d try helping his fellow Democrats by hitting Donlad Trump below the belt.

What what the ass clown says about Trump in the video below, then be sure to scroll down to the next video to see Trump’s hilarious and demoralizing response.

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Now watch, as Trump let’s him have it!

Are you a Trump supporter? If so, join us on Facebook at Trump Train by clicking on this blue sentence. 

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  • kaye

    if obamo had any intelligence he would know world leaders are laughing at him not Trump

    • Yes! They are scared of Trump because he actually has a set of testicles and will actually Lead, whereas, the Gay Kenyan Muslim Boy was born without any and has only led his fellow perverted Queers on a mission to pervert our entire population! But that is about to come to a screeching halt, lol, once PRESIDENT TRUMP takes the Helm!

  • Michael Blevins

    Obama is a total Moron ! Nothing he says or does makes any sense. He makes me ashamed to be an American Citizen !

    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

      You should never be ashamed to be an American Citizen. You should only be ashamed of bho being our potus.

    • Never be ashamed to be an American Citizen, be ashamed of a Political Party that would put someone like that Illegal Kenyan Homosexual Muslim Pig in office in the first place! I will never be ashamed to be an American, but I am horribly ashamed of the government leadership in our Nation at the moment! The Federal Government no longer represents We, the People, but only what their Lobbyists and Big Corporations pay them to care about! Washington needs a total cleansing! I will no longer cast my vote for any Politician that has been in office more than three terms. The buttwipes, in Congress, that have been there 25 – 40 years need to be kicked out and Term Limits placed on them!

  • Thom*

    I wanna see O’Bammy throw Killery under the bus? (it’s not if he does it’s when he does)

  • larry6409

    Obama better stick to his perversion and bathroom feelings and leave everything else alone. He has no other knowledge that being a pervert

  • Horrible Failures and especially those of a sick, perverted Tyrant, like Obama, love to speak out against those who are willing to help make our Nation great again, instead of trying to tear it down and turn it into a 3rd World Muslim Sewer like the one he was raised in and has been trying his best to bring our Nation to Ruins! Obama is a Sewer Maggot who is so mentally deranged, he doesn’t thing Arming and Funding ISIS is a Treasonous Action. The Muslim Pig is truly that mentally deranged! Obama and Hillary both are guilty of Arming and Funding ISIS from Benghazi and both need to be sent to their Allah/Satan in Hell!