Guess Why Only 53% Of You Will Read This?

we are the 53 percent

You hear people bitch and moan about how “hard” life is these days and how the Government should do so much more for us than they already do. Wah, effin’ wah! Try going to any other country and living a life as soft as the one we have in the U.S., where if you are too lazy to work, the ginormous monster that controls our lives, which is Government, will make sure you have all your basic needs met, which includes housing nicer than most hard working middle class people in the U.S. can afford, and which is nicer than most rich people from all non-Western nations can afford.

This young woman’s letter about her family’s history sums up how all of us should feel, though barely more than half of us do. It reads:

My father came to NY from Croatia in 1971, with KNOWLEDGE in his head, LOVE in his heart
& the clothes on his back.
He built up a small construction business and put me & my 4 siblings through Catholic school
and college, while my mother raised us and put home-cooked meals on the table.
Business has been steadily declining and my family (still honestly abiding by the regulations,
TAXES & fees imposed by the gov’t) now lives paycheck-to-(hopefully!) paycheck.
We found out he has thyroid cancer – THANK GOD WE PAY for our own health insurance and
WERE ABLE TO CHOOSE the best cancer hospital in the country, Sloan Kettering, where he underwent
10-hour surgery this past summer.
He was back to work FULL-TIME (12 hrs/day, 6 days/wk) within a month, even though the doctors
told him to take it easy (he works manual labor).
The cancer still grows, but my father STILL WORKS FOR LIFE, LIBERTY, & THE PURSUIT OF
THAT is the American dream.
WE are the 53%.
**People like my father came here because America was the answer to all of their problems- IT


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