Guess What’s In Your Burger King Whopper Now?

horse burger

When I was younger, I never hesitated to eat fast food. It was good, anti-nutritious, which was something very important to my immortal, youthful attitude about my invincibility, and it was cheap, which was very important to my young and broke most of the time lifestyle. However, as I’ve aged, and gravity has proven its ability to take its toll on me just as it does all mere mortals, and I woke up and realized there’s more to life than minimal salaried dead end jobs and set my sights higher and can now afford to eat a little more stately, I NEVER eat fast food. That goes for all of it! No Taco Bell, McDonald’s and thankfully, after seeing this, no Burger King!

It’s been rumored for a long time that Burger King was selling Burger with horse meat in it in its shops in the U.K. Burger King has vehemently denied these accusations, but a newly done test from a reputable lab has shown up POSITIVE for horse meat in the burger. The company Silvercrest, an Irish meat company, is the company responsible for selling the chain the burger with horse meat in it.

So, the next time you’re visiting our friends across the pond, you might want to stick with their fish and chips, and leave the American based fast food alone!

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