(PG-13) Guess What Obama Wants Now?


First they want the guns, now they want body armor that can protect us from THEIR guns!  H.R. (House Resolution) 378 is a law crafted by 3 Illinois Congress people (i.e.: Obama lap dogs) who seek to make it illegal for you to own body armor that can protect you from military firearms.  It is, basically, a law designed specifically to say, “I intend on using military grade weapons on American citizens and I don’t want $2500 worth of personal protection to get in the way.”  Has ANYTHING good come out of Illinois?  Nip this thing in the bud, people… police and the military CANNOT outgun the people they exist to protect… ever.



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  • Mike Davis

    More from the NWO playbook. Get their guns, ammo, body armor, next will be kitchen knives and rope.!! Had enough yet Patriots???