Guess What Happens When Jihadists Try To Rape A Woman With A Pet Machine Gun?

machine gun girl

Recently, the evil devil scum of ISIS descended on a small Christian village in Syria. Their aim was to rape, murder and maim everyone within the village. However, they never planned on a young Christian woman named  Widad, an Assyrian Christian female fighter who had a little friend they were unaware of.

A machine gun!

Sources who witnessed the fighting say that Widad eventually died, becoming a martyr in their eyes, but not before putting up one hell of a fight. She killed at least five of the Muslim scumbag terrorists and sent many others running for the hills.

The West is doing very little in reporting the hell of a life that Christians in Syria live. They have been pointing out how terrible it is for all the Muslim refugees who’ve pulled up their tent stakes and run to the West, many of them not even directly in harm’s way and their true intent being to milk the West for every entitlement program they offer.

The Christians in Syria are the most tormented by ISIS, but they are the last to run. They are staying and they are putting up the fight of their lives, because that’s exactly what they’re fighting for.

Fly with angels, Widad. We all know you are in Heaven, because you’ve already spent your time in hell.

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  • SylviasDaddy

    Some people call camel-jockeys “rag-heads” and “towel-heads.”
    That is wrong.
    Those pieces of cloth are neither rags nor towels — they are small sheets.
    The accurate term is “SHEET-heads.”

    • papaling55

      Ok I believe you. Shit heads it is.

  • SFC Kenneth A. Partyka, SR ( R

    Sad that she died, but I am glad she took 5 pieces of shit with her.

    • d.dolcater

      No, she didn’t take them with her. She went to heaven.

  • Wayne Davis

    We accept hardly any Christians into the refugee program. The reason is that the refugees are selected from the refugee camps. The Christians are not allowed into the camps; because Muslims won’t allow them in. It is little wonder why Christians would need to fight for their lives, they have no alternative. I find it disturbing that in the rush to bring in refugees, we can’t find a method to help the most vulnerable. They would most assuredly would pose less of threat than the Muslims; this generation and into the future. I wonder why the Kurds and other non Muslims can’t get arms to fight with, and find aid or relief of any kind harder to come by than the Muslims. It would almost seem that everything is happening by design. it is a design that appears to have bad motives; these motives lead me right back to Obama and the progressive left.