Guess How This Man Cured His Cheating Wife With Superglue?

super glue vagina

Well, there’s certainly one way to keep your woman from cheating. If she can’t keep her legs together when you’re not around, how about some superglue to keep her vagina together? That seemed to be the idea that this guy came up with.

The man and his wife are from South Africa. Now, to make things even sicker, the man the woman was cheating on her husband with was her uncle (again, South Africa). After a night of the wife having a time well spent with the uncle, the husband took her home, locked her in the bedroom, and liberally applied the superglue to her labia. The woman now has permanent scars and chronic pain due to the attack. She said she wanted to press charges, but her husband fled after gluing her vagina shut and he’s not been seen since.


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