Guess How Fat O.J. Simpson Has Gotten In Prison?

fat black man

New reports on the Juice’s condition in prison are not good. The former NFL great running back/murderer, is said to be having knee problems, that he believes, at least, requires surgery. He has been seen walking around the prison yard using a cane, and he’s lamenting to other inmates that if he doesn’t have knee replacement surgery, he’s going to be refined to a wheelchair when, and if, he ever gets out of prison.

Nearly twenty years has passed since O.J. killed his former wife and her new lover. He got off of the murder in the most televised court case in U.S. history, in what many historians have called “Emmett Till’s revenge,” in reference to a case from the pre-civil rights era where two white men were acquitted by an all white jury for killing a black man, Emmett Till, pictured below. Simpson was acquitted by an all black jury for killing two white people.

emmett till

Though he’s not as fat as the world’s fattest athlete, Emanual Yarbrogh, a sumo wrestler pictured at the top of this article, OJ is said to way in excess of 340 pounds due to his inability to exercise and due also to the terrible prison food diet.

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