(Graphic) What This Video Shows ISIS Doing To Young Girls Should Be Grounds For Nuclear Attack!

isis ripping girls away from families

Caution: Should you choose to watch the very graphic video below, you will see a scene that humankind should never see.

The brutal indigents of ISIS have proven they know no bounds when it comes to all things evil. Recently, they put out an order that all children with disabilities be put to death. In the video below, they do something similarly gruesome. These young girls will live, but they will spend the rest of their lives wishing they hadn’t.

This video depicts ISIS militants going to an apartment complex, lining up the residents, then picking out the girls and young women they’d like to turn into their sex slaves, and then ripping them away from their families to be carried off to be part of their harem of evil.

Do you think this is grounds for taking off the gloves and dropping a few well placed nukes in ISIS territory? Let us know your thoughts on our Consciously Enlightened Facebook page by clicking on this blue sentence. 

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