(Graphic Video) Thugs Choose Wrong Family To Carjack Which Means One Dead Thug!!


It’s always great to see the good guy win and this good guy is phenomenal!  An off-duty police officer gives a great example of how to survive and protect your family from the criminals that are trying to take over our world.  Situational awareness and risk assessment are the buzz words in this video.  Stay safe people!

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  • cardmaster1

    Peeps got what they deserved!! Thus should be the fate of ALL Thugs!!! ALL of them!

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    What happens when b.o. takes away his gun? He and his family die….NOT going to happen.

    • Dragon0562

      seeing that he’s in brazil, nothing.

    • Elaine Jeffery

      He had plenty of time to take your guns and he didnt…did he?

      • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

        Yet, he keeps trying and if hillary gets elected, you know she is really going to try hard.

      • Barbara L

        He signed a treaty with the UN to take small arms. This is a long range plan not an over night one. Keep killary out. This has been in the making for a long time through both parties, or should I say the uni party. People open your eyes, do the research. Not from just right wing or left wing news. Expand your knowledge expand your mind.

  • jennifer

    Bill, I noticed those things too but this is an informative video, regardless of what the guy said. We’ve always been safe in America. That’s the past. Very unfortunately.

  • john smith

    that was not a bunch of wad cuters / and not blanks. just an old 5 shot policer special

    • jenkem5

      Did you even watch the video dumbass? He fired 10 rounds from a semi-auto. He shot the first perp five times. Learn how to F’n read for Christ’s sake, or at least watch the video.