(Graphic Video) Schoolgirl Knocked Out During Real Zombie Fight In Pizza Shop

school girl zombie fight

Wow! There’s just too much going on in this video, but what is amazing is that it’s absolutely real, and not staged. So what is apparently going on here is this: some revelers from either a Halloween party, or some sort of zombie themed party, get together and go out for pizza. They stop in a shop in Dublin, Ireland, where the party is taking place, and there’s a customer arguing with the cashier. Another man tries to intervene on the cashier’s behalf, and things come to blows. While other men are trying to stop the fight between the two men brawling, a young lady, dressed like a schoolgirl zombie, gets knocked down, her head hits the floor so hard that it knocks her out, and it takes a couple of minutes for people to realize this.

Once the fight between the two men is stopped, the zombie schoolgirl’s boyfriend realizes what has happened to “his woman” as he refers to her in the video, and he heads outside to fight the other two guys who he’s already stopped from frighting each other.

Moral of the story? Alcohol, schoolgirl zombies and pizza just don’t mix. At least not in Dublin.


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