(Graphic Video) Officer Guns Down Thug In A Close Shoot-Out, All Caught On His Body Cam!!



Two officers go into a restroom in a restaurant to apprehend a suspect.  All is calm as the male officer leads the way out and the female officer escorts the perp from behind.  Then, the thug makes the fatal decision to draw on the officers once they are outside.  Spectacular shooting by the male officer who gets 13 shots off in 5 seconds in this close firefight!  This thug totally chose the wrong cop for a shoot out! Also, this shows the importance of officers wearing body cams. No doubt, had he not had this evidence, the libtards would have screamed for his head.

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  • John Haws

    Well that’s the end of him.

  • Gdtaliq

    They were very lucky. They should have patted him down. That was almost their last mistake. But real good reaction time and good shooting.

  • He should have been frisked, cuffed, and properly escorted out. Officers made a bad choice.. This tragedy could have possibly been prevented.

    • Anon

      The thing is, they were only escorting him out to prevent a panic from citizens in the restaurant. They did not want to cuff him if it were a misunderstanding. But the moment he pulled out that gun, it turned into a different story…

    • SuzyQ

      It is important to remove the bad guy from the innocents They did the right thing. Mr. Stupid was the Stupid one and he lost.

  • Jim Hull

    really GOOD to see the turn out of the concerned public, ready and willing to help. outstanding!!

  • Chad L. Easley

    The woman tries for the gun while alerting her partner, faiked to get it so she pulled her weapon while still alerting…..she got off the first shot I believe. But both did great

  • Bo

    im PRETTY darn sure if they had of tried to pat him down in the restaurant that he would have made his move in there making it even more dangerous for others around him. if he is willing to draw his gun on 2 armed officers….I HIGHLY doubt he would say “hmm…im in a restaurant….so I will just let them lock me up…but if we were outside id try to get away” yea…that’s what he would say..yea right…typical liberal hog wash. he played a stupid game and won a stupid prize…and besides…they should have done that…they should have done this….maybe..maybe not…but it is 100% certain he should not have pulled a gun on police. and it is 100% obvious he has no regard for human life….so that makes it 100% obvious that he should not be allowed to walk freely in our society.

  • Joebrute

    This was in Palestine Texas, and he had a pellet gun. What a dumb a$$. Plus he just got through robbing Walmart with said pellet gun then hid in the Applebee’s restroom.

  • Raymond A. Sirois Sr.

    Definitely a Darwin Award finalist.

  • moonpup

    good job

  • [email protected]

    Why was he not cuffed in the bathroom?

  • Joe Soap

    Great shooting

  • violetteal

    This could have been worse. Good thing there were two officers.

  • JimyP

    May even have been suicide by cop. No fault there by the police. The perp had the opportunity to go peacefully. HE chose otherwise.