(Graphic Video) Live By The Knife Die By The Bullet!


There is one good thing that could be said about un-civilized, third world dumps like the Philippines. When shi* goes down, they don’t get all politically correct and waste a bunch of time and tax payer’s money to deal with the situation. They act animalistically, and though such behavior is just one of many reasons they remain third world in the year of our Lord 2015, in some cases it is a GOOD thing.

Such was the case recently when a Filipino dirt-bag, with nothing better to do as he obviously has no job (50% of Filipino men between the ages of 18 and 26 are unemployed- though ‘help wanted’ sings abound in the urban areas and the women of the same age group have no problem filling them), and nothing better to do than to abuse shaboo (a street drug very similar to crystal meth) and kidnap little girls. Though at one point, an ignorant third world peasant citizen almost gets the little girl killed in the rescue attempt, the Filipino police eventually save the day by killing the peasant scum with a clear head shot!

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