(Graphic Video) Iraq’s Angel Of Death Cooks ISIS Member Alive!

angel of death

One of America’s biggest heroes in the Middle East is not even an American. He is a former Iraqi special forces soldier known as the “Angel of Death.” Recently, he sent a very up close and personal message to ISIS. After capturing an ISIS fighter, he hung him upside down over a fire and cooked him alive. He cut off a slice of the man’s thigh and said, “ISIS, this is your fate! I will cut you like (meat).”

The video was so graphic that it’s been taken down on YouTube any time anyone’s been able to get it posted. Watch for it to appear again on YouTube and in the meantime, get to know the “Father of the Angel of Death” up close in the video below.

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  • Tomy kay

    Renender dats dubuyoo dubuyoo dubuyoo dut cook da tarois dut cum. Gotta love that.

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