(Graphic) THOUSANDS Are Doing This To THEMSELVES! What Is This “Magic Miracle” Cure?


This is the face of desperation.  Seriously… this video is not for the weak stomach, but this information has GOT to get out there.  Do NOT try to cure your own diseases.  Snake Oil salesmen are EVRYWHERE.  Even doctors go to other doctors.

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  • Bethann Bartley

    No way. As a nurse I know better and agree that it spreads and there’s no way it can reach all the areas of growth it will or can potentially get to.

  • Julie Sehler

    Black salve is a old formula created ages ago as a folk remedy for the treatment of cancerous lesions. When you put it on the lesion it will only go after cancerous cells. If there are not cancerous cells it does nothing. It is caustic and it can burn skin tissue if put on heavily and covered. The picture they are showing does not make sense unless the person had huge cancerous tumors and covered them with an inch thick paste of Black Salve. That women in the picture has to be photo shopped.

  • Julie Sehler

    I have used Black Salve with excellent results. You cannot use a huge blob… use a tiny pin point at a time.

  • D Hudson

    I have a friend that was recently diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma on her cheek just about the gum line. She used the black salve and the next day the tumor came out in her mouth, while she was at the Dr., they have sent the tumor to be biopsied. Yes it is caustic and very painful for a few days, longer if a nerve is involved. My husband has also used it for basal cell carcanoma. It is also packaged in capsule form for internal use. I have never known of anyone that didn’t have good results.