(Graphic Audio) Black Lives Matter Movement Calling For White Genocide! Rape Murder Maim!


Listen to these Black Lives Matter talk show hosts call for the slaying via lynching and hanging of white people. Oh, pay attention to how many times they refer to themselves as the “N word” also. Kind of counter productive, but would you expect any less?

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  • John

    I wouldn’t worry too much about them pice of shit cowards, they are to busy killing each other.

  • Jolat

    Careful what you wish for. Us white folks, our ancestors spent 1000 years fighting each other. That shit is in our genes. If you go too far you will find out the hard way. We are the craziest people on this planet. For all of our sake, please don’t cross that line.

  • Jason Mills

    Yes America give up your guns lol

    • Sabrina Levy

      That is the idea, dis arm Americans so only the thugs have guns.