Government Announces Plans To Use Guillotine On…

france guillitine

Only a fool believes that you can co-exist with people who want to kill you, and it’s been made quite clear that all the third world peasant Muslims storming the West in the biggest Trojan Horse operation in centuries are set upon doing just that- killing us!

After Paris saw 129 of its citizens killed in a Muslim terrorist attack last year, then seeing 80 more people killed in an attack in Nice, France only two months ago, French President François Hollande announced his intention of fighting fire with fire and employing the guillotine to execute ISIS or ISIS-linked terrorists.

The evil Muslims of the third world seem to understand only one thing; barbaric, medieval times violence, so Hollande is about to get medieval on their asses.

It’s unfortunate that U.S. President Hussein Obama couldn’t follow a similar path as President Hollande, but he’s been too busy apologizing to Muslims for the tarnishing of their image every time one from their flock commits an atrocity on U.S. soil.

Fortunately, Hussein Obama’s days are numbered, and it appears as if Donald Trump will step in and clean up the huge mess Hussein Obama has made.

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  • Larry Hanson

    Sure do hope that’s how this plays out,…but I wouldn’t count on it. Why do you think Obama was in China this week having a “secret” meeting with Putin and the President of China? Just Google “Chinese troops in Mexico and Canada” and read a few of THOSE posts! Obama has a different plan than leaving the White House peacefully,…he plans on being dictator!