Got Any .556 Rounds Lying Around? They Could Be Worth $1,000 Each! Here’s Where And How To Redeem!

bullet scam

Got any old .556 rounds lying around? Maybe from your last National Guard drill weekend, or from your private collection? Did you know they might be worth as much as $1,000.oo each?

But before you get too excited, and start spending those thousands and thousands of dollars in your head before you get them, you’d better know that they could cost you a fine of $1,000 each in exchange for your freedom from a third world prison hell.

Here’s how it works. The United Nations has just put out a world wide travel advisory for The Philippines, a third world island nation in South East Asia. It’s a beautiful country, with very attractive resorts, but the people of the Philippines have ranked among the world’s most racist due to their views of foreign tourists, and have proven through their actions over centuries to be the least trustworthy nationality in Asia, if not on earth, by the way they scam and manipulate tourists and foreigners for money, so that they don’t have to work to earn money.

The latest scam out of the Philippines, which brought about the U.N. warning, involves bullets and employees and police of the International airport in Manila. The Nanoy Akino International Airport in Manila has won the lackluster award of the world’s worst international airport for three years in a row now, due predominately to the incompetence of the people who work there. There is no customer service, no amenities (better take your own toilet paper), and no one who cares about any of it, which is common throughout Filipino culture. Apathy is the number one factor holding the people back. Despite their third world status, and the fact that few people continue to accept the poverty levels they consider normal, they simply don’t care, and hence, make no changes.

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To make the reputation of the airport and the country even worse is the fact that over the past few months, police and airport employees have been planting live ammunition in foreign traveler’s luggage. This is done, because in the Philippines, you can be arrested for ANY accused crime, the arresting officer can name the price for your release, you can pay it, and you are let go. So, in eccense, the Filipino’s working in the airport have figured out how to scam foreigners as soon as they arrive in the country. It used to be the taxi drivers were the first to scam foreigners, claiming the meters didn’t work as they took them from the airport to their hotel room, charging on average ten times the fair rate. Now the police are making approximately $1,000 per bullet in exchange for the traveler’s freedom upon landing in the Philippines.

If you do not have to, it is highly recommended you NEVER visit the Philippines, now or ever.


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