Gorgeous Queen Rania Just Insulted Michelle Obama To Her Face!

Queen rania

When it comes to beauty and class, there is no other First Lady anywhere in the world who can hold a candle to Jordan’s Queen Rania. We won’t even consider the idea of U.S. First Lady Moochelle Obama being in this race.

Moochelle and her family are spending a butt-ton of tax payers dollars to spend the holidays in Hawaii. Queen Rania and her family are staying at home, saving her country’s tax payers a fortune, by not taking a similarly lavish vacation for the holidays.

Queen Rania recently posted this picture of her family, with the following caption:

“Excited to be starting the New Year countdown! With 10 days until the end of the year, I am happy to share our family picture for 2016.”

Jordan family

Wouldn’t it be nice to have class back in the White House? Instead of graft and greed?


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  • George Appel

    Two super classy families!!!!!!!!

  • Larry Hanson


    • Connie Bergquist

      How, when, and where did she insult Michelle Obama to her face? Talk about click-bait headlines!!! What a bunch of garbage.