God Is AWESOME!!! Amazing Story!!! How Great Is Our God???



Let me share a powerful testimony with all of my friends. I got a call from a gentleman that asked me for a price on a new 2015 Honda CRV including all taxes and fees.

A week later this gentleman showed up at my job with a $24,000 cashiers check, a name, and a contact number. He said this person had 4 kids, a broken down vehicle and too many other problems.

He said he chose my dealership because it was on Zion Blvd and me because my last name was Christian. Called the woman and after finally convincing her that is was not a hoax, she got a ride from Carrollton GA.

When she arrived and after tons of tears, she went into more details about her situation. She lost her husband a month ago to a heart attach on their daughters birthday. She has no idea who the gentleman is and I have sworn not to tell. All I could say was look at God work.

— in Clayton Ridge, Georgia.

by Rodney Christian

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