Global warming HOAX unravels… globalist science fraud engineered to control humanity, not save it

global warming hoax

Anyone with common sense has known the whole time that this whole “global warming” issue is nothing more than a fear mongering control tactic. However, it seems that as time marches on, common sense is something that is less and less common.

Recently, U.S. President Hussein Obama spent time in Paris, and though that city was just rocked by Muslim terrorists, Hussein Obama (secretly a Muslim himself, many believe) did NOT denounce Muslim terrorism as the greatest threat to the world’s future, rather, he claimed that ‘global warming’ is.

Mike Adams is the founder of Natural News and has done years worth of extensive research on this great hoax, and recently reveled the following findings from his very thorough research:

(NaturalNews) The global warming being pushed on us by global governments is a science fraud. The satellite data purported to show a warming “trend” over the last hundred years has been fraudulently altered to show a warming trend where none exists.

What the data really show are an obvious cooling trend over the last hundred years (see below). But because this cooling trend doesn’t fit the globalist agenda of enslaving the population under a system of absolute behavioral control, the data had to be altered to fit the government narrative of global warming / climate change.

I used to casually believe the global warming narrative, but when I took a closer look at the data and motivations of those pushing the global warming agenda, it became obvious to me that global warming is a massive scientific hoax being perpetrated for political reasons.

global warming trend

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