(Gallery) Obama’s Unfriendly Skies: High Energy Laser Drones Are Deniable And Practically Unaccountable


Forget being afraid of lasers in space and mounted on massive C-130’s… as of 2015 they are being mounted on drones.  Though laser weapons have been in practical development since the mid-90’s, it is only in the last five distracting years that they have seen deployment on anything smaller than a Navy ship.  Right up to 2009, the smallest laser with a high yield (50 MW or so, enough to affect a missile or aircraft at a few dozens of kilometers) was the size of a semi-truck trailer.  As of 2015, they are small enough to be mounted on Avenger Drones.  According to General Atomics, a developer of such weapons, Naval lasers are now in the 150 MW range while smaller versions remain in the 50 MW range.  Watch the skies, folks… lasers can start fires from high altitude and don’t leave shrapnel to make the user accountable.

Articles here and here give more detail.

Find the original DARPA.MIL article here… I found it here, but have not been able to see it.

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