Discovered! Fifteen Inch Finger Proof Of Old Testament “Giants”


According to Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:33, the Nephilim were gigantic people who mated with human women.  The abominations that came from these pairings were the reason behind Noah’s flood, though it would seem they were not wiped out entirely.  Is this 38 cm mummified finger proof that the Nephilim once wandered the Earth?

Find evidence of modern giants here.

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  • Bud Flowers

    Ken Robinson, the problem with the Noahs arc story is you were not there so people who hate God fill in their agenda with what is not known, the Great Lakes were formed when the ice receded, when the flood hit the north and south polls were iced over instantly as we see the evidence of the Wooly Mammoths that were instantly frozen to death and buried in a “flood” of snow, snow and ice are fresh water and according to the bible the sky was opened… theory given is that there was a zone of water around the earth before the flood that was torn by the angels as commanded in Genesis… then the fountains of the deep were opened.

    • Tim

      And, the continents may have looked very different then. Continental drift.

  • Bud Flowers

    Being raised in a very religious family means nothing BTW, what is religion? one of Christ’s biggest opponents was the religious society, Nicodemus was questioning Christ about salvation and yet he was a ruler and master in Israel… I don’t have “religion” I have a relationship with the Almighty through Jesus Christ who is coming back very soon!

  • Big Al

    GET Ready for an ass whooping! The bible was written by man. Men choose what to put into the bible. If you, as a human being believe that the Old Testament is something more then a history book…..well you are pretty dumb. The New Testament was picked by a group of men. Did “God” choose these men are were they appointed by other men or were they just taking it upon themselves to decide what should and shouldn’t be in the bible??? I give you examples….in Germany a man and the people he choose to write what should and shouldn’t become the truths for his country. Now after the fact we know that these “truths” were either lies or half truths to have the German public fall in line. In Japan, they believed that they attacked Pearl Harbor because we had already committed acts of war against them. Thus, convincing the Japanese public that the attack was justified. That is the reason while I lived there, many old people looked at me with an evil stare. They still believed that what they were originally told was the truth because their history books told them so as well leaving out the atrocities that were committed out by their armies in China and Korea. This relates to me because growing up Catholic, I believed everything they were telling me. Well now as an adult I learned a true definition…..”CULT”. By the true definition of the word cult, all religions are a cult. My question is this, what makes your religion better then someone else’s and vice versa? I believe that Buddhist have it right, they follow a philosophy and not the man. So I now follow Jesus’s philosophy and not the man. These people were wise and as I see it, they had the right idea as to how people should treat each other. That is what I follow. Anyone want to argue??? I have wade waste to many who challenge me when it comes to religion. I will beat you with history, science and common sense. You can’t pick and choose what is fact and what is to be interpreted and that is what they all do.

    • Chad A. Eimers

      The Holy Bible was written by mortal men with who interpreted ideas of the teachings of faith. When Moses climbed the mountain to receive the commandments, he asked God, “who are you, what shall I call you by name”? God responded, “I am”. All religions have one simple thing in common. When we pray, we look to the heavens! This is where God is!