You Will Never Believe The INSANE Amount Of Money The Freddy Gray Family Just Won In The Dirtbag Lottery


It is a sad day for America as the family of slain Baltimore resident Freddy Gray is set to receive $6.4 MILLION for his death.  This is not a consequence of legal action so much as it appears to be a placation attempt on the part of City Hall.  Would they have been able to win the lottery if not for #BlackLivesMatter?  Is this a classic case of legal profiteering or WHAT?  I know this… a kid his age with a 4-year degree can only expect perhaps $1 million in his or her lifetime… Freddy might have made as much if he got lucky.  $6.4 million looks much to me like hush money… like paying hostage and terrorist ransoms, we will see much more and much larger sums like this for absolutely no reason.  Take a look…

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  • Philip Marsala

    Let’s get real, Freddy was better for his family DEAD than alive, 6.4 million isn’t peanuts. Why the EXTREME PAYOUT, is my question? Needless to say, Freddy was not a winner while he was alive, so why pay out that kind of money for a LOSER? Obviously, the whites are terribly frighten that the blacks may declare a war on the whites. Needless to say, they have already declared a war upon the whites. So what are the whites to do? I guess we pay off BIG BUCKS to the blacks. When the Muslims over run the whites, should we also endeavor to pay them off?


  • Robert

    You are the most chicken shit city in the world. Afraid of riots, ive me a break. Hey you dizzy Bastards send a few dollars my way.

  • aznative

    Not one dime should exchange hands until guilt has been established and any money should go to rebuilding that city. This is criminal.

    Let’s get to the heart of the black problem in America:

    It’s called the blame game for a payday.

    We’ve let this crap go on for too long it has kept our nation from being great.

    First of all blacks sold blacks (their own kind) into slavery and brought them here. White people didn’t.

    The statistics do not prove the continual lie that whites are out to kill blacks. We need to nip that statement in the butt every time somebody makes it.

    The truth. There is more black on black crime period.

    Blacks abort more babies and then call white people murders. Seriously!

    There is no accountability in black families. Too many absent fathers to help raise their own.

    Funny how these families who complain about the death of their children weren’t even present in their children’s lives. It is all about a payday. Using their deaths for a profit.

    Why didn’t they get their kids help. Why didn’t they stop the crimes and drugs their children were involved in.

    Nobody wants to see anyone die period.

    The biggest issue in the black community isn’t racism it is bad parenting.

    It’s take a village to raise a child. It takes parents who are present to teach ethics, morality, respect for others.

    It’s about hard work. Showing by doing.

    It is not the governments job to create jobs. The free enterprise system is the greatest power this nation has. What built this country. Americans create jobs, not Washington DC.

    Handouts are what have destroyed this nations work ethic. Nobody wants to work when they can get it for free.

    And you are far removed from the days of slavery. You are owed nothing. You should be thankful to live in the greatest nation on earth.

    And no these youths have not lived with decades of racism. They haven’t been alive that long. They believe what they are taught even if it is a lie.

    Respect yourselves, make something of yourselves and your own communities. The blacks biggest problem is that they have no role models.

    The majority of Americans hate slavery.

    If blacks hate crime quit committing it. Your high incarceration rate is because of you. Don’t you think we tired of paying the prison bills. Get a job, make something of yourself. Be a productive American citizen and a role model for the next black generation. Aren’t you tired of the lies.

    And if you are going to try the cops, and whites in the media. Than try the families of the victims too. Where are the families during all the arrests? Were they even part of the victims life? Did they do anything to stop the continual criminal behavior and drug abuse that lead to the deaths? What is the victims medical history?

    This nation needs to get back to basics. Show some honor and respect for others and their property. They worked for it. You didn’t. Respect the cops. Who in their right mind would run from a cop? Seriously?

    We have too many people in this country who have no respect for our nation or anything else period.

  • aznative

    The mayor must be charged for inciting criminal behavior. The police dept and Baltimore businesses need to sue her personally for her order to space to destroy. And yes she did say it. She is liable for the arson, looting, theft and injuries to the cops.

    She is not above the law. She incited danger to this city and the police officers. A city burned because this lady was trying to make a name for herself.

    She not only incited a crime she was a co-conspirators in the acts by telling cops to stand down risking their lives but also not putting a curfew into effect immediately.

    She basically lit the candle that burned the town down. The price tag will be huge and she should foot the entire bill not the American taxpayer ever again.

    Under federal law, 18 USC 242, it is illegal for anyone under the color of law to deprive any person of the rights, privileges or immunities secured by the U.S. Constitution, and under 18 USC 241 it is illegal to conspire to violate such rights. It is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. This could be applied to local, state, or federal law enforcement or military personnel who abuse the rights of citizens. Every state has a similar law.

    The key point is this: You not only have the right to disobey an illegal order, but you may also have the duty to apprehend the parties issuing such an order if such issuance is part of the commission of a crime.

    • bguy

      Danages are supposed to be based on loss of lifetime earnings. No way he could have stolen 6.5 million worth of stuff or sold that many drugs over his probably short lifetime before being offed by another gangbanger.

  • elizabeth bourdony

    The officers that they are charging for this mans death have not even been tried or convucted. Honestly the truth behind this mans death is still not clear. I dont feel this family should get money for this mans death at all. This man was a man involved in criminal acts and its like rewarding his crimes. I dont say the mans death was not tragic because he was a human being. A few of the officers they are charging so it nullifies racial and prejudice abspect. Police brutality I honestly dont think it applies here either. This was taken to far and made a man a martyr for pdople to use as an excuse for violence and racial groups agendas. Sad that people feel they are entittled instead of fixing the real problem thst is destroying their neighborhoods and family’s. It starts with respect , education , dedication and going back to family values. Getting rid of black on black violence. Taking back vontrol of their neighborhoods their families and being productive citizens and promote change and growth f I r their own.