Former CIA Director David Petraeus Drops Benghazi Bombshell Behind Closed Doors That Will Send Hillary To Prison For Life!

pat on ben 2

Former CIA Director David Patraeus was secreted through a secure passageway to give testimony on the Benghazi hearings. He gave testimony, which Trey Gowdy would later claim, in the video below, was not known to the oversight committee who’ve been investigating the fiasco which cost four American’s their lives for nearly two years now. It was reiterated that a U.S. quick reactionary force (QRF) was armed, and gassed up and had the engines running, ready to sweep in and save their lives, pending the order to do so from the State Department, but as we all know, sadly, that order never came.

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  • lois helzer

    according to leaks saudi arabia said let them die

  • 2broke4 her

    nothing will ever happen..its like beating your head against a wall..

  • jimvancise

    I guess Gowdy’s hand picked Prosecutor was unconvinced, as he said “Everything which could have been done was done”.