Flight To Chicago Diverted!!! 6 Muslims Arrested For Interference With Flight Crew!!!


CHICAGO — A flight from San Diego to Chicago had to make an unscheduled landing in Texas when a group of men created a disturbance.

The flight has since arrived at Midway airport.

Southwest Flight 1522 was ordered to land in Amarillo, Texas after six men, who were part of a San Diego soccer team, began talking loudly, acting rudely and eventually fighting with the crew, according to passengers.

Fellow passengers say there were no violent altercations.

The men were detained in Texas and, at the direction of the FBI, transported to the Randall County Jail and charged with Interference With a Flight Crew.

No one was injured, but the flight to Chicago was delayed for several hours.

Southwest Airlines released this statement:

Southwest flight #1522 from San Diego to Chicago’s Midway International Airport made an unscheduled stop at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport last night after several passengers traveling together became disorderly and, subsequently, refused to obey instructions from the crew.

Out of an abundance of caution, the pilots in command of the flight diverted to Amarillo where law enforcement officials met the aircraft and detained six individuals. Additionally, six other members of the group chose to deplane and remain in Amarillo. The flight eventually continued to Chicago where it landed without further incident.

Safety is the top priority at Southwest Airlines, and we will always take appropriate actions to ensure the safety and security of our crews and customers.


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  • Mark Warren

    Another test of airline security, to see how they can hijack a flight in a new way.

  • disqus_RHWdtIpJE7

    TO THE PUBLISHER OF THIS ARTICLE & THE COMMENTERS DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! Every single news source about this clearly states that the victims are CHRISTIAN, specifically CATHOLIC. They and their families left the Middle East to avoid racial persecution again Christians. Also, there are first hand witness accounts of passengers who were on the plane claiming they were 3 rows away, and that there was no profanity, no fighting, and absolutely no lunging. So next time you want to write an article about something or comment on it, try reading some credible sources first.