First Responders Will Now Be Working From This Gruesome Location, Would You Work Here??


Violent death, cruelty, abuse, betrayal, are leading reasons that spirits haunt buildings and one of the locations of this city’s police substations has them all. The city government of Rockford, Illinois is now expecting their Police Officers and support staff to work with the dark energy of tortured souls.


The old Turner School was built in 1898 and for over 70 years educated the children of this city. The school was closed in the late ’70s and the building, who’s hallways were once full of happy, laughing children, preparing for their future, became a house of horrors where thousands of babies were killed.

The school became the area’s abortion mill and an estimated 50,000 babies were murdered there over the next three decades. A long overdue inspection (the clinic hadn’t been inspected for 14 years, remember, this is Illinois where money, even small amounts, can buy big favors) in 2011 by the Illinois Department of Public Health found several, serious code violations including dried blood on boxes of surgical gloves, improper cleaning of equipment and unsanitary conditions in the operating rooms. The violations were so numerous and serious, the clinic was forced to close and ultimately the abortionists decided to close the clinic permanently.

Fast forward to 2015 and the city council has now designated the former abortion mill as one of three new satellite substations for the police department’s new geopolicing plan.   A local television station reported that some Police Officers are refusing to work in the building due to it’s past use and the PBPA Union President said the issue came up overwhelmingly.

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Millions of tax payer dollars will be spent on renovations to the building but they’ll never be able to remove the souls of the babies that died cruel and violent deaths.