FEMA Camp To House The Homeless…Holocaust Style!!!


Colombia City, South Carolina City Council has a plan for the areas homeless population. As homelessness rises they have come up with a plan to have the homeless segregated from the general public. They have set up a shelter on the outskirts of town where once you are there it will be hard to leave. It will be an internment camp or FEMA camp. The police will offer the homeless a choice either go to jail or be sent to this camp on the outside of town. According to reports the shelter is up and ready to roll.

The camp will be similar to the segregation of the Holocaust like in the 1940’s. There will be officers stationed there to limit foot traffic coming into the camp as well to keep the homeless from leaving.


Could this be a way to reduce the number of people here on earth?




South Carolina Council Plan


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  • Grizzly907LA

    This is not a FEMA camp. It’s a homeless shelter and I don’t blame the people of that city from wanting to keep these people away. Most of them are drug addicts and drunks that don’t want to clean up and they choose to be homeless because they want to follow rules, take direction or be sober!