FED UP: German Men Form Vigilante Group Against Migrant Sexual Attacks

migrant rapists

The West is being invaded! Just yesterday, in San Antonio and Houston, Texas, the FBI arrested two “refugees” from the Middle East who where plotting terrorist attacks in the U.S., just like Trump warned and conservatives knew, though U.S. President Hussein Obama makes fun of both saying they are “scared of widows and orphans.” (See Story Here: Breaking! Two Of Obama’s “Refugees” Arrested In U.S. For Terrorism!!!)

Germany has had a much rougher go of it, as their Chancellor has vowed to take in no less than one million immigrants from Syria. Tens of thousands of the Muslim migrants have already arrived and they have been tearing Germany apart. On New Year’s Eve, hundreds of German women were raped in the streets by the refugees, and the German Government blamed the victims!

Fed up with this, a group of German men have formed a vigilante group called All For One And One For All! They promise they don’t intend to inflict violence on anyone, and that they are not planning on racially profiling anyone, rather, they intend to be present and vigilant and highly visible, hoping to deter the Muslims from committing their heinous crimes.

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