Evidence Louisiana Theater Shooting A Hoax To Shift Blame From Muslims Back To White Males

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On the night of 23 July, 2015, a ‘lone white male’ opened fire in a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, injuring six people and killing three, including himself.

Immediately, reports in the media were touting the ‘lone white male’ aspect of this shooting. It was as if that was the main point the media, run by the Hussein Obama administration, wanted known most of all, that yet another evil, lone white male had committed this crime.

Now, let’s look back to only one week before this shooting, to another shooting, which took place in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Here, a ‘lone brown Muslim’ went on a rampage and killed four Marines and one sailor. How did authorities and the media react in regard to that shooter? It took almost 12 hours for the identity of the shooter to be released, even though they knew for many hours before that who’d done the shooting, again, a ‘lone brown Muslim.’

Doesn’t it seem a little too convenient to have a ‘lone white male’ commit a mass shooting down in Louisiana only one week after the terrorist attack in Tennessee? A terrorist attack which the Hussein Obama administration seems all too hesitant to label a terrorist attack, and also to completely ignore? Hussein Obama goes on vacation in New York and doesn’t even call or visit the families of the victims from Tennessee? Even though a month before, when a white supremacist shot up a black church in South Carolina, he couldn’t wait to get  in front of all of the television cameras? And it took conservative libertarian blogger Mike Shepard, a former Marine, to write an article and appear on Fox and Friends, challenging all Americans to fly their flags at half mast, before Hussein Obama actually ordered the flags to be flown at half mast in order to save face?

The Hussein Obama administration has been rounding up homeless people throughout the south and holding them in FEMA camps, to be used for nefarious purposes. It is public knowledge that South Carolina (ironically, where the ‘alleged’ shooter in the Charleston church shooting came from), is leading the charge in housing the homeless in FEMA camps. Now, in order to wipe the slate clean of the concept and the simple fact that Muslims in America pose a great danger to Americans, as they will, in time, carry out the teachings of the Koran and go on killing sprees, we have this shooting in Louisiana.

People, you have GOT to take the blinders off and see right through this thing. This is a false flag event, set up by the Hussein Obama administration, to take the blame off of the Muslims and switch it back to those ‘evil white males’ who Hussein Obama seems to hate so much. Don’t believe the hype, and don’t take your eyes off the real threats. Do not listen to the Muslim in Chief and his lying henchmen!


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    Uhhh, shut up.

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    How many meds was this one on?

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      It’s was a hoax, so it’s largely irrelevant.

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    Another gun grabbin hoax