Emergency! THIS Is How They’re Going To Steal The Election From Trump!

emergency trump

Emergency alert! They are going to steal the election from Donald Trump, and THIS is how they are going to do it!

We’ve already seen in Iowa, that back stabbing Ted Cruz was cunningly able to steal that caucus from Trump by scheming to have his team convince Dr. Ben Carson’s team that Carson was dropping out of the race, thereby giving Cruz Carson’s votes. They STOLE the election from Trump by doing this!

Now they’re planning on stealing New Hampshire, then South Carolina, and then the rest!

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  • Greta Rich

    Grow up Trump!!! There is no way to rig an election on the new computer voting machines. I know because I used to work as a poll assistant in my state. You use an electronic card that is cleared each time its used. The voters have two opportunities to change their vote before the ballot is cast. The poll personnel run a program before the polls are opened proving at the beginning there are no votes on the machines. At the end of the voting the supervisor verifies that the vote count on the machine is the same as the number of signatures on the books. There are much tighter controls than with paper ballots. But that’s not you concern is it, Trump? Your arrogance can’t accept that some Americans might just not want to vote for you. So you falsely accuse people of cheating. After all. Your narcissism can’t accept rejection on any terms.

    • Comrade Snarky

      How much are you selling your soul for, shill? It’s documented machines changed votes from Romney to Obama in 2012. And I’m sure George Soros owning these machines has nothing whatsoever to do with it…