Donald Trump Was The Winner Of The Debate!!! At Least Time Wise…


Well, the first debate is over, and as expected, it was the Donald Trump show. It is interesting to see how the media will give time to some candidates but not to others. Rand Paul was seemingly buried by Fox. He had less than half the time that Trump was allowed.

Below is a breakdown of how many words each candidate was given the time to get out.



Each section breaks down the the debate by candidate. The red lines break down the number of times each person spoke while the bolder lines show the length of time given to make remarks at that given time.



The interesting thing, is it seems, that Rand is getting the same treatment that his father Ron Paul got when he was running for the Presidential seat. Rand could have had more time, but the other candidates keep talking over top of him. It is amazing how the media will try to keep someone down that they don’t like.



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