Do Feminists Ever Stop Complaining? You Won’t Believe What They’re Bit#%ing About Now!


Here we go again.  Feminists, aka liberal females without enough brain cells to actually care about important issues, are furious that all the Minions are male…

Yep, you read that correctly, they’re outraged that the little, yellow cartoon characters, who’s purpose on earth is to serve evil villains, have no females in their population.  Cassidy Boone writes in the Stately Herald:

“I am literally shaking right now.  Like, I can’t believe they’re still here-scratch that- they’re not here, they’re everywhere.  There’s no escaping them.  Everywhere you look you see those diabolical little yellow potatoes grinning at you with their oogly eyes, giving off the impression that they’re scheming to hurt you in some way or another.  Some people think they’re cute and I have no idea how any person with a sane mind can find those disgusting little blobs of sexism and oppression cute.  I want to choke every one who’s posting pictures of them on their facebook with stupid quotes next to them-you are all embarrassing and I can’t believe you don’t understand what you’re supporting.

That’s a lot of venom from a feminist who’s only 20 years old.  According to Louder with Crowder, the creator of the Minions has an explanation via TheWrap:

According to “Minions” creator Peirre Coffin, in fact, all the title characters in Universal’s prequel to two “Despicable Me” hits are male, voiced by male actors (including Coffin himself).  For the French animator, who co-directed the new film with Kyle Baida, the masculine-only nature of the Minions owes to their all-around cloddishness.  “Seeing how dumb and stupid they often are, I just couldn’t imagine Minions being girls.”

You’d think the feminist would be celebrating this male-bashing explanation for the sexism of the Minions but you’d be wrong.  They’re also reporting complaints that Coffin doesn’t have the ability to create a fun, silly female character.  That his explanation is dehumanizing.  And that the film industry can only portray females as badass, heroic or sexually appealing.

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Man-bashing, check.  The film industry portraying women as strong, capable and attractive, check.  Sounds like they should be happy with the Minions and this movie.  But someone else will have to explain this to them, I need to go take a couple of aspirin…

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  • ScarletRainbow1

    Are these women THAT stupid? I do NOT see all-male “minions”, simply because I can’t tell if any of them AREN’T female. It may just be that minions all look alike because IT’S A CARTOON, YOU IMBECILES.

  • paula schoenberger

    I don’t think she even deserves our attention. So that’s that.!! Stupid.!!

  • Constantine Mavros

    Maybe some are transgender?