(Disturbing Video) Body Cam Footage Shows Police Executing Mentally Ill Man With Screwdriver

cops execute retard

Disturbing body cam footage has surfaced, showing police no less than executing a mentally ill man who had a screwdriver in his hand. As you will be able to tell in the extremely graphic body cam video below (warning- it is graphic and shows a live execution), the mentally ill man, who had suffered from schizophrenia, did nothing to provoke his execution, though the cops who murdered him claimed that he “lunged” at them. Too bad for them that their department had recently required them to start wearing body cams.

The mother of the man, 28 year old Jason Harrison, had called 911 because her son had been acting out, having not taken his meds. As you can tell as she walks out of the door so nonchalantly, there was no real threat of danger from Jason. The saddest part of this, is that the man was gunned down in front of his elderly mother. The event took place in Dallas last June, and Jason’s mother has just filed a lawsuit in regard to this matter.

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  • Isis is more humane than this bunch of murderer’s

  • Michael

    I see you’re not a neutral reporter. You put your personal opinion in the story and a deceptive pic. Very Liberal of you. He charged them and you can kill a person with a screw driver. And who called them to that house? Wasn’t it mom? You don’t charge a cop with anything in your hand. Cops aren’t paid to try and wrestle a deadly object from a person. And that’s a good sized man. Love it when people criticize a deadly sitiation with after the fact exprt advice when a cop has to make a split second decision. News today is shit. No one reports news anymore. All they do is report their opinion and it’s mostly Liberal controlled. I gave up on News channels years ago. You’re all opinionated shit and don’t report news anymore.

  • Jeffrey Bernard

    He never charged at the Taliban policemen this is murder..
    God bless the man who made the AK47 it strikes with no remorse also!!