Did We Receive a 7 Day Warning, Pointing Directly to 11/11/15?


Before I attempt to answer that question, I want to remind you that I only suggested that we COULD receive a POSSIBLE 7–Day Warning.  So, I am NOT grasping at straws here, to try to justify some prediction that some of you might have thought that I had made.

There was NO obvious-to-the-whole-world of some huge Warning event.  There was no gigantic earthquake, or tsunami.  Billy Graham is still alive.  Israel did not attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.  In other words, THE BIG ONE, or the obvious, make-no-mistake-about-it event did NOT happen 7 Days in advance of 11/11/15.  But did God warn the whole world in Noah’s Day of the Great Flood, 7 Days in advance?  The only Biblical evidence that we have is that God told Noah 7 Days in advance.  Noah almost certainly told his family.  In other words, only those who had been making preparation, by the many, many years of building the Ark, were Warned 7 Days in advance.  Likewise, I believe that God has chosen to give a 7–Day Warning to only a very few Watchers, who have been diligently following the SIGNS of the times.

That is what I see taking place as I write this.  I believe that God indeed has given us a twofold 7–Day Warning.  But it is a Watchers Only Warning.  And it is only a small percentage of Watchers that are able to see this 7–Day Warning of the catastrophic, unparalleled nuclear disaster, that is about to strike this earth.  Even those who have been faithfully reading for the past several months of what is about to happen to this sin-filled earth, as in the Days of Noah, will, for the most part, reject this 7–Day Warning.  But there are a few, maybe a few hundred of you, that are on my mailing list, or faithfully read my posts on Five Doves, that will receive what God has done for us, in the way of, what I consider, an awesome 7–Day Warning.  So, my best estimate is that possibly 5% of you reading this will believe this.  It is to you, mainly, that I write this.  The rest of you cannot say that you were not warned.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Now, we need to set the stage for you to be able to receive this twofold probable 7–Day Warning, which has just transpired.  The Biblical evidence for Russia, Iran, and their allies, to make a MASSIVE attack on Israel (Ezekiel 38–39) on Hanukkah Eve (Haggai 2), Dec. 6th–7th of THIS YEAR is very, very strong.  I have presented an extremely strong case for this particular date in December of this year.  Now as we watch, with great anticipation, as Russia and Iran move into Syria, and along the border of Israel, that anticipation, among Watchers, is reaching peak, and unprecedented, levels.  Many of us have been waiting for this ominous development for many decades.  To see it actually transpire before our Prophetic eyes has many of us about ready to jump out of our Rapture tennis shoes.

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To watch Israel make a recent unbelievable massive oil deposits discovery in the Golan Heights, just over the Syrian border, has Russia salivating, with great anticipation.  Putin has already made an offer to Netanyahu to guard this huge discovery for Israel.  Netanyahu was wise enough to turn him down.  So, now we also have the hook in the jaws of Russia, that Ezekiel prophesied would draw Russia and Iran down into Israel in a MASSIVE attack.

So, what is stopping Russia and Iran right now.  It is the very same thing that is preventing the New World Order elite from taking over the world, and forming their Satanic, evil, and diabolical one-world government.  That obstacle, preventing the one-world government, and the Battle of Gog and Magog (Russia and Iran), is the most powerful nation in the world, the United States.  The downfall of the U.S. is their very last step in this devilish scheme.  If this Battle of World War 3 is actually going to transpire in the first week of December, one month from now, something horrible MUST happen to the United States.

This is what we have been presenting to you for the past nine months–THE DOWNFALL OF AMERICA!!!  All evidence for this, from the NWO elite, is that they are planning THE NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION OF MANHATTAN (NYC) ON THE DATE THAT EVERYTHING IS POINTING TOWARDS–ELEVEN ELEVEN OF 2015!

Out of the mass chaos and destruction of World War 3 comes the New World Order.  That is the method of operation, and the motto, of these evil, Satanic people.  They have been planning this monumental event for years.  They set the stage at the end of World War 1, by CHOOSING the HOUR OF ELEVEN O’CLOCK, AND CHOOSING THE DATE OF ELEVEN ELEVEN, to end World War 1.  Yes, way back then, they were actually foretelling us that at some future ELEVEN ELEVEN

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date, they would be igniting the World War, that would bring about their horrific Satanic one-world government.  We must remember that ELEVEN is Satan’s number.  To double this number, with their CHOSEN date, they actually believe that this gives them twice as good a chance of succeeding with this evil scheme.

So, if Hanukkah Eve, Dec. 6th–7th, of THIS YEAR, is the Biblical date of the Battle of Gog and Magog, and the Biblical date of the RESTORATION OF ISRAEL, and ALL evidence supports this premise, then the DOWNFALL OF AMERICA has to happen before that event happens.  There is NO date even close to having the number of confirmations, as ELEVEN ELEVEN of this year, to be the date for the DOWNFALL OF AMERICA.  This removal of the U.S., as the world’s superpower frees Russia and Iran to make their ill-fated move into Israel, where God will miraculously save Israel and restore Israel.  The Biblical numbers, as presented in previous posts, fit this climatic event to a tee, for Hanukkah Eve of this year.

Yes, all of the above is necessary to show you the twofold 7–Day Warning that I believe just took place.  But before we do that, we MUST continue to set the stage, with the events of Oct. 31st, the Satanic Halloween date.  There was an astronomically nearby asteroid that flew by the earth, that was shaped like a skull, that should be taken as a Warning, as it happened ELEVEN days from ELEVEN ELEVEN.  This can be taken as a Warning that Judgment is about to strike our earth.

Then there was the downing of a Russian jetliner that also took place ELEVEN days from ELEVEN ELEVEN.  Throughout the year of 2015, ISIS has continually been making WARNING videos, warning about how they are going to DESTROY AMERICA.  The ominous and Prophetic aspect of these WARNING videos is that they always were released on the ELEVENTH of a month, as we have pointed out in our posts.  That simply cannot be coincidence.  That is by NWO design, as ISIS is a creation of the NWO, to create chaos and destruction upon the earth, and to help bring their evil Satanic WW3 scheme to fruition.  So, what did ISIS do on Halloween, Oct. 31st?  They released another, and probably their final, WARNING video about how ISIS IS GOING TO DESTROY AMERICA!  This time, they CHOSE the most Satanic date of the year for this final release, and it is certainly NO coincidence that they released this WARNING video, TO THE UNITED STATES, ELEVEN DAYS FROM ELEVEN ELEVEN!!!!!!!

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There, now we have properly set the stage for ALL who are reading this, to show you how we have been given a TWOFOLD SEVEN–DAY WARNING, on Nov. 4th, SEVEN DAYS FROM ELEVEN ELEVEN.  I kept the TV on Fox News all day on Nov. 4th, watching for ANYTHING that could qualify to be a 7–Day Warning, that would point us DIRECTLY to 11/11/15.  Like I wrote earlier, nothing spectacular happened.  The major topic of the day, of Nov. 4th, was all about the proposed 2016 election, which almost certainly is never going to happen.  But there were two noteworthy events that were talked about all day long, that I believe were our twofold 7–Day Warning.

Here is the first 7–Day Warning, in my opinion, keeping in mind everything that has been presented to you above, to set the stage, as to HOW we are being warned, and WHAT we are being warned about.  All day long we were shown videos of thousands and thousands of Iranian people chanting angrily DEATH TO AMERICA!  DEATH TO AMERICA!  After what I have written above, do you understand that that the downfall of America is the last obstacle for the Satanic New World Order, and that their chosen date for DEATH TO AMERICA IS ELEVEN ELEVEN OF THIS YEAR?

I do NOT believe this ominous WARNING event took place, EXACTLY SEVEN Days form 11/11/15, by coincidence.  I believe it was a 7–Day Warning for serious, discerning Watchers.  It is a confirmation that everything that we have presented to you, in the past 9 months, is about to become a reality.