DEVELOPING: Obama Goes After Oregon Ranchers… Armed Militias IMMEDIATELY Make Their Move

OR malitia

Multiple militias have descended on the small town of Burns, Oregon, in defense of two of their brothers in arms, who the Hussein Obama administration is trying to send to prison for a very long time for a crime that they have ALREADY served time for!

A few years back, two ranchers, Dwight and Steven Hammond set fire to wild, overgrown grass bordering their ranch. It turns out the grass they burned was on Federal land. The Federal Government deemed this to be an act of terrorism (yes, really!) and sentenced them to prison in 2012. Now that they are out, the Government has determined there was an error in their sentencing and has demanded they serve their prison time ALL OVER AGAIN!

Several militias have gone to Burns, Oregon to defend their brothers, and they are calling on all patriots, militias, constitutionalists and other interested great Americans to come to the ranchers’ defense.

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