Bill To Remove All Troops From Iraq Defies Obama!!!


Mere days after the president announced a step up in the U.S. Military presence in Iraq, there comes a bill to possibly remove all military personnel from both Iraq and Syria.  Sounds like a political move.  A Republican wishing to undermine the president writes a bill and hopes it will pass.  You might think that, but you would be wrong.  The bill is being pushed by a Democrat.

The Washington Times reports

Lawmakers are voting Wednesday afternoon on pulling all U.S. troops out of Iraq and Syria if Congress fails to debate and authorize the war against the Islamic State before the end of the year.

Many have no problem dealing with ISIS.  They have no problem with our president ordering air strikes and mobilizing trainers to hostile countries.  And when we think with our emotions rather than logically, I agree.  There are monsters killing innocent people; we need to act swiftly.  But, when we look at the law of the land, we have to remember that there were reasons for these restrictions.

The proposal from Rep. Jim McGovern, Massachusetts Democrat, would require the administration to end the U.S. involvement in Iraqand Syria, except to protect diplomatic facilities and personnel, absent a new Islamic State-specific authorization for the use of military force.

The war has been authorized, sort of, maybe.  The Congress gave the president limited power to act until the Congress could set out a legal authorization for a war against ISIS.  We have waited, and this has not happened.  One of the problems is simple.  Out of sight, out of mind.  The issue is being dealt with; there is nothing left to do here.  But that is not true.  As I reported, the Air Force needs eyes on the ground.  But this will never happen without this debate.

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The Times continues

Mr. McGovern said lawmakers are “guilty of moral cowardice,” content to spend money — $9.1 million a day through this month — and put troops in harm, but refusing to step up and take responsibility for debating the war, which has been going on for nearly a year. This bill, he said, gives House leadership “a deadline they can’t ignore.”

The government has bungled the ISIS situation from the beginning.  It would seem that there might be something to the fact that the U.S. is directly responsible for the group.  As if the leadership of this country were reluctant to destroy its own creation.  But the bill will push the Congress to take action or remove itself from the conflict.

Hopefully, the politicians will take action and destroy ISIS.