Davao Mayor Rudy Duterte Is The Last Best Hope To Save The Philippines


The Philippine Islands is a beautiful archipelago made up of more than 7,000 islands in Southeast Asia. The country has been a great ally of the United States since the U.S. first liberated them from Spain during the Spanish American War, and then again from the Japanese during WWII. At one point, the nation was even a territory of the U.S. until they sought, and were given, their independence.

Today, America plays the role of key watchdog, protecting the small island nation from an ever more aggressive China, who has already taken over the Philippine economy and is set to take over the land, according to those who understand Chinese thinking well.

The culture of the Philippines is long overdue change. Though the people will smile, outwardly acting warm toward foreigners, especially Westerners, foreigners (whom would rather be called visitors, or tourists, though they’re not even granted that much real respect) are viewed as little more than money by the overwhelming majority of Filipinos. The culture, often, is one of deception, where sociopath behavior and thinking is deeply rooted in poverty, where the people have unfortunately learned over generations to justify deception via the search of meeting one’s daily needs. And with daily wages among the lowest in the world (on average, $8 for a day’s work), it’s become the norm to lie, scam, cheat or steal rather than work for a living.

Ironically, the Philippines, based upon GDP, is not a poor nation. They actually fall into the top 25’th percentile of all nations, in simple English, meaning that for every country that is wealthier than the Philippines, there are three who are not.

The cause of the lack of wealth the nation produces, mostly through exporting tropical fruits such as bananas and coconuts (oh, are they rich in natural resources!) trickling down to the masses is two fold. Number one- they still largely practice Feudalism, where a select few in the private sector own most of the resources, and they have for many generations, and the majority of the population live as peasants, or serfs at best, squatting on the large patches of privately owned land and working as laborers during the harvest, in return for the free living space and the bare minimum requirements to meet their existence. There is no prevailing middle class among the people to flourish financially and provide a strong tax base with which the Government can meet much desired infrastructural needs.


The second reason wealth does not trickle down as it should is due to the extremely high level of corruption within the Government. Even when the country is hard hit by natural disasters, which is common due to their location in the Pacific Rim, where mother nature assaults the landmasses with fierce typhoons, earthquakes and  occasional tsunamis and massive flooding, it is more common than not, to see people in power within Government, stealing aid sent to the nation from foreign Governments to sell in their privately owned businesses. Instead of food and other much needed supplies making its way to the afflicted peasants along the coastal regions during these times of disaster, you’ll often find the products in shops owned by local Burungay (neighborhood) captains, Mayors, Governors and Congressmen/women, while the people go with their needs unmet.

The southern most major island, Mindanao, is plagued with three major terror groups, two Islamic radical groups (Aby Sayyif and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front ((MILF))) and a communist sect known as the NPA. Ironically, the safest city in Mindanao, the Philippines, and one of the safest cities in the world is Davao City, nestled comfortably on the Bay of Davao in Mindanao.

Why then, in a country so corrupt, and on an island ridden with terror, is one of the safest cities in the world located on Mindanao? One reason! Their Mayor, Rudy Duterte!

Duterte has ruled Davao city with an iron fist for most of the past two decades. When he’s not been in office, the role of Mayor was filled by his daughter, Sarah, though people still walked the line because they knew her father was still running the show. He usually filled the role as vice-mayor during his daughter’s terms, but everyone knew he was still calling the shots.

Democracy is a great concept, and it’s the form of Government practiced by the Philippines, but as the West has learned through history, Democracy only works when you have a strong, educated, prosperous middle class to keep politicians in check. As stated earlier, the Philippines has no such middle class, thus, crooked politicians and criminals alike have been able to run a-muck, while the word “Democracy” has been just that, a word, mostly thrown around by Western allies as an excuse to back the Philippines politically.

Sad to say, some nations truly need to be run by Dictatorship, these nations being those without a strong, educated, prosperous middle class, and the Philippines falls into this category. However, as we’ve seen with other dictatorships, the peasants are often as neglected as they are under Feudalism.

Enter Rudy Duterte.


Duterte has proven through his actions that peasants are not a third class citizenry. Though the man is independently wealthy, and despite now being 70 years old, he works relentlessly to see that the people in his city are having their needs met and being protected, as long as they are playing their part as productive citizens. If they work, and are honest, and are not thieves and connivers,  he will go to bat for them as if they were members of the Aristocracy. He does not allow them to be mistreated.

Duterte spends several nights a week, after putting in long hours at his office, actually driving around the city in a taxi, keeping an eye on the goings-on of the city. When violence had become too rampant in the wee-hours, he imposed a 10 p.m. liquor ban, meaning that last call at the bars was 10 p.m. and the stores could not sell alcohol past that point either. The action drastically cut down on late night crime and violence.


Stories abound of Duterte walking the streets at night, breaking up fights (he served as a soldier in his youth) and taking beggar children to their homes and ‘getting up close and personal’ with their parents, even imprisoning some of the fathers until they agreed to work and support their families.


Duterte has addressed the rampant drug dealer and cartel issue within his city by having what is known locally as a ‘death squad’ weed them out. Human Rights groups have long come after him for such practice, but the facts speak for themselves. How else would it be possible for a city, surrounded by such danger and corruption, be able to sport the reputation of safety as it does? Duterte believes all people have a right to live and carry on business as they’d like, as long as they are not hurting others and committing crime and corruption, and once they’ve proven to do so, he deals with them accordingly, and though they may no longer exist after being dealt with, neither do their evil ways, and the innocent people are now safer.

It is still up in the air whether Duterte will seek the Presidency of the Philippines in 2016, however, he already leads in the polls and he’s not even announced that he is running!

His popularity among the Filipino people is evidence that they have had enough. They want to actively join the 21’st century. There is another way to live, they know it, and they are ready. The people of the Philippines are as wonderful as any other people around the world. Unfortunately, much of the lying, scamming, cheating and stealing that they are known for doing by the West, is done as actions in regard to choosing the lesser of two evils. They act inappropriately or their children starve. However, being in the top 25’th percentile in GDP among all nations, there is another way to conduct their daily affairs and they know this. They, too, can work honest jobs, and with Feudalism and corruption in Government out of the way, they can also earn a livable wage in so doing. The middle class that they so desperately need to provide a tax base for infrastructure and social programs will naturally appear once the opportunity is there with the removal of the corrupt politicians and a more equal share trickling down from the Lords to the peasants with Feudalism a way of the past. Within one generation, they can be an affluent society. Davao City Mayor Rudy Duterte is the man who can make these things happen. He truly is the last best hope for the Philippines.

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The Giver

Knowledge is power. That, plus experience, leads to wisdom, which trumps education any day.
  • Danny Cascolan

    XSi Duterte ay bata ni Aquino at Dilaw na Dilaw ang Kulay.

    Ang pdp-laban na partido kung saan ay chairman si duterte has always been yellow.

    Lahat ng plano ni Aquino BBL, NEOLIBERALIZATION, FEDERALIZATION, ANARCHY DISSOLUTION NG CONSTITUTION AT ATING ONE NATION = all sabotage plans against the Philippines and Filipino people will be fulfilled by Duterte. Pero ciempre dahil galit karamihan sa Yellow Sindikato ngayon ay pilit na nagkukunwaring hindi kasapi sila Duterte at Poe as hidden assets nila aquino etal neoliberalists at foreigns.

    Kaya pilit na nagmomoro-moro sila roxas, duterte, Poe at aquino pero ang tutuo kaisa sila sa sindikato dilaw.

    At ang maisasakripisyo ay mga mamamayan katulad ng farmers, sundalo, pulis, civilians etc., sa kanilang mga deception at moro-moro habang ibinebenta ang Pilipinas!



    • Zenric R. Canalda

      para kang si roxas e ,, dami mong ALAM

      • Danny Cascolan

        Better check whats really in your head because you really said something empty of sense to base or conclude anything. Go higher than my dog’s instinct.

        • Jove R. Dalcher

          Your english is good but your calling people lower than your dog’s instinct is so unsophisticated. Surely, no matter how much education people get people behave lower than the dogs they pet.

      • Danny Cascolan

        Excuse the pun, however you should see that roxas and duterte similar types of personalities that are disasters, Poe is of a different scammer type but still a disaster too. Had you been more sober I would have been respectful too.

    • eduyuuy

      how about Binay? wla ka atang masabi sa pagnanakaw ni Binay? are you a Binay minion?

    • Noto Kurap

      Hahahaha, palakapakan ang magaling. sayo na ata lahat nang komento dito. magkano ba binayad sayo nang magnanakaw ha? ok rin naman naglalabas ka nang saloobin pero ang siraan ang mga taong di mo man lang kilala nang personal ay isang malaking kalokohan. Halata namang wala ang isang kandidato sa sinisiraan mo so may pinapanigan ka. wag ganyan kapatid, alamin mo muna mga nagawa ni Duterte bagu mo sya siraan, at alamin mo din ang kalibre nang manok mo para di ka magmukhang kasabwat nang MAGNANAKAW.

  • Danny Cascolan




    Ang mga mamamayang nagpupush kay duterte ay siya na ring nagpupush na mawasak ang ating bansa.

    habang iniengganyo kayo ni duterte sa kunwa ay anti crime niya na mythical fiction lang o diktadura sarado sa esensya ay hila ng buntot ni duterte na itinatago ang tunay na masamang intensyun laban sa mga Pilipino at Pilipinas.

    Excerpt commentary,
    Yap but missing the biggest chunk of common sense or just plain analytical wisdom, ito ay sobrang pagka-idol worship kay duterte na nagsasabi na nga na plataporma niya ay federalization, that is telling na wawasakin niya ang constitution at pagbibigyan ang daan para mabalkanize ang mindanao by milf supported by malaysia and other neoliberalists interests like local dynasties who sees a more solid grip and control in resource extractions and other anomalies. Wasak ang bansa natin sa kakapush kay duterte without really examining in depth his overt and covert intentions, I think napaka-tanga na talaga ng mga pilipino if they push duterte for it is agreeing na bigyan authority by mandate na basagin ni duterte ang Pilipinas as a kasunduan na pumayag ang mga mamamayan.

    Excerpt quick commentary,
    Forms of govt dont make the economy better, the peoples political and economic awareness is the attribute that makes progress and development inclusive than extractive. Parliamentary, federal systems developed because of history of countries, the same with presidential forms which developed for colonized then liberated countries, there are more flaws and disadvantages in parliamentary and federal, but intelligence balances that, ask please how intelligent the filipinos are in giving liberty and rule of law.

    But I leave a short point, usa began federalization in a different political history than which the phl scenario is evolving. Federalization with historical secession intent of milf funded by malaysia and neoliberalist will get the chunk of mindanao as their state separate from phl.

    That is keeping foremost what is glaring reality of what bbl aims. Duterte like Poe are new wolves in sheep skin recruited by neoliberalists and oligarchs. What is obvious will happen, first deaths will be south.

    Ang sitwasyun nga ngaun may mas advanced weaponry ang milf than the phil army ( wla lang air power at tanke pa ) , may weapon factory ang milf ang pilipinas wala (dios mio mas naaford pa ng milf), ang army kontrolado ng pro milf so anung aasahan for reinforcement kun saf 44-nga pinabayaan because of restraining orders sa malakanyan or allies of bbl, there is a high chance there will be conflict of authority sa federalization, a high chance na sadyain ang failed state, add a sponsored rebellion at mahihiwalay na ang territory ng south na objectives for control ng neoliberalista, malaysian milf. Yan din naman ang objective ng bbl.

    My pov,
    Plan C si duterte i suspect, when the possibility that Plan B Poe could be disqualified pasok si duterte. Never mind the moro-moro because ang objective ng yellow aquinos and cronies is implementation of bbl and full scale neoliberalization leeching, control and eventually Ownerships of ALL archipelagic and human resources of our nation by the Oligarchic Autocratic Syndicate.

    We have been protecting our Constitution from dirty Politicians and Businessmen, Oligarchs and neoliberalists, now wholesale murder ang gusto nila duterte at cayetano sa current Constitution as in ibasura lahat at palitan ng Wala pa at gagawin pa nila kung anu gusto nila, Wew )):

    And ciempre without the Constitution wherein these politicians plundered the Republic’s Public Coffers and other anomalous graft and corruption acts, mawawala ang basis ng paghahabol ng hustisya ng Gobyerno at Bansa kasi nga binuwag na.

    My pov,

    If ever poe, roxas, duterte wins Philippines will lose genuine democracy and might be, dangerously with federalism in tandem with neoliberalism objective of these 3 allies of aquino, the Philippine nation and archipelago as we know now shall not be there in the future. The Philippines would be in a gradual transformation of balkanization in actuality and will be sold piece by piece until the nation truly dissolved of substance of one nationhood. Comelec constricted the people of other Presidential Choices, Comelec even done cheats.
    Outside of Poe, duterte and roxas theres only Binay and Miriam for lessest evil.
    Can Binay rise above the demolition work and false allegations by Aquino and Yellow allies handiworks of deceiving the Public?
    Hindi pa ba nakakahalata ang Publiko sa paulit-ulit na same strategy ng LP( groups parties na LINLANG PILIPINAS)?
    2 years of Binay demolition bombardment full force sa senate, sa tv, sa radio, sa newspapers, sa social media yet walang substantive evidence all in all for 2 years?
    Yet these public has already been brainwashed and most believed gullibly all those allegations are a fact.
    How could sober people believe in things as a facts when they truly lacked the specifics of the case in question nor evidence to understand those cases?
    And these same people believe in the myths of the Yellows? They tell proudly themselves that others are bobotantes.

    If ever Binay wins, Can Binay set himself free from the old colonial schema of dynasties, his old supports, the old political and economic order and give this nation the real Democracy?
    Or if Miriam wins, Can Miriam also miraculously win the battle against cancer and have the capacity to rule?

    Without genuine Democracy there will be no political and economic inclusiveness.

    With Poe, duterte and Roxas sure na dissolution objective sa Pilipinas at Puro Fabricated Surveys at Speeches of deception na lang ang ihahain sa Publiko.
    Wala na rin maasahan libre sa hospital ang mga mahihirap. Wala na ring libreng edukasyon. Papunta na sa Wala ang future nating lahat, Papalitan ng Wala kundi sarili nilang kita.
    E parang naenganyo ang publiko na pirmahan ang death sentence sa masa at Pilipinas.

    My Condolence po kay Hon. Seneres.

    • Peaceatwork

      Sirain mo na ang lahat huwag lang si Digong dahil isang tunay na public servant sya…kung si Digong ay tulad ng amo mong epal siguro ko puno na ng larawan nya ang Davao, kaso hindi eh, plus di din nya tinanggap ang international award for good mayors… At saka yang Binay mo di mo ba alam na yan ang Dilaw? eheheh tuta pa yan ni Cory eh sauce!

      • mike kyo

        walang alam yan hayaan mo nang gongong na yan…

  • Danny Cascolan

    XExcerpt commentary,

    Ung iba gusto maging isang nasyon pero di naging posible kaya nag federalize, pero ang Pilipinas naging isang nasyon muna tpos babasagin? Ang wealth at economic distribution controls ay pwede ilegislate, ang decentralization of economic gains pde idecentralize by legislation sa unitary government. Hindi sagot ang federalization. Ang federalization is to make legal un separation of regions into separate states, multi nation governments, by the same token pwede magsecede at di na sumali sa either union, confederacy or federal states. Kaya ang effect sa Pilipinas ay ang pagkalas-kalas ng ating isang nasyon.

  • Danny Cascolan

    XMy pov that dynasty-crony driven politics can easier control posts in parliamentary and federalism. The presidential system is bad but not the worst. If only theres a political will to punish comelec for the anomalies.

    Forms of govt dont make the economy better, the peoples political and economic awareness is the attribute that makes progress and development inclusive than extractive. Parliamentary, federal systems developed because of history of countries, the same with presidential forms which developed for colonized then liberated countries, there are more flaws and disadvantages in parliamentary and federal, but intelligence balances that, ask please how intelligent the filipinos are in giving liberty and rule of law.

    But I leave a short point, usa began federalization in a different political history than which the phl scenario is evolving. Federalization with historical secession intent of milf funded by malaysia and neoliberalist will get the chunk of mindanao as their state separate from phl.

  • Danny Cascolan

    XLol dedma ang mga,assets ni aquino na tumutupad sa Dilaw na Agenda!



    Roxas = Noynoy doppleganger

    Poe = Foreign interests by neoliberalists mining and American control of Philippines

    Duterte= will dissolve one Philippine nation,

    Duterte will dissolve our Constitution,

    Duterte will push for federalization enabling secession of mindanao areas to pro bbl milf rebels funded by malaysia

    Kay Duterte Wasak Watak ang Bansang Pilipinas at implementado lalo ang objective ng mga Dilaw na Aquino-Cojuangco at neoliberalist dynasties



    • krystin

      Mind conditioning wa epek!Duterte is my President!!!!the more panira the more we become stronger!!!upakan na natin to!

  • Danny Cascolan

    XTalaga namang bata din ni aquino si duterte who pushes aquino-malaysia and oligarchy-dynasty-neoliberalist plans to monopolize resource extraction and control of Philippine territories, duterte is fulfilling aquino and yellow’s aim to sow anarchy and destroy our constitution and National Rule of Laws as did Poe, the reason for the Federalization platform of Duterte-Cayetano as alternative scheme for BBL! Once it is implemented milf gained territories will have the option not to join ( or later opt for secession and balkanize territories ) a Philippine Federation, Union or Confederate thereby can legally claim that their territories that used to be under sovereignty of the Philippines are no longer part of the Philippines!. Don’t be misled by yellow moro-moro pdp laban is yellow!


    At Aksesorya nila sina Poe at Duterte sa kanilang mga plano, deception at pagbabalak!!

  • Danny Cascolan

    XWithin the recess for choice we still have the option, we can decide to have the power to emancipate from a collective disaster driven consciousness in our psyche dna programming inflicted inculcated by centuries of colonial slavery.
    – Danny Cascolan

    Ikaw ba ay isa sa mga inangkang at inapo na nakalimot o sinadyang maging salat lang ang pag-iisip kaalaman pang-unawa at iyong itinatapon at inireregalo ang ating Bansang dulot ng Kasaysayan ng Panahon at bigay Pagpapalang Bansa Arkipelago sa atin ng Diyos sa mga mapanlinlang na prunsipyo banyaga Neoliberalista at Oligarkiya??

    Do you know what the feudal dynasty clouts like Ayals, Aquins, Cojuans and Cronies etal mean?
    Hindi ba mapagtanto ang mga indikasyun na kasapakat kasangkapan din nila ang linyang Roxas, Poe at Duterte?

    Ibenta ng patuloy ang Bansa at National Posterity dahil sa mga pinanatiling pulitikal-ekonomiyang kamangmangan?

    • Peaceatwork

      LOL…gumawa ng sariling analysis! tsk… Binay ka kasi bibigyan ka ng posisyon…ikaw na magaling sablay naman LOL…

  • Danny Cascolan

    Mag-isip at huwag ibenta ang Pilipinas sa cheap lip service na deception lang at kasinungalingan mythic at motherhood statements lang nila Duterte, Poe at Roxas na mga hidden assets at accessories ng Dilaw etal.

  • pearlyche

    Wag iboto ang mga kurakot.Wag iboto ang mga TRAPO.Let us change the form of government into FEDERALISM . Para sa tunay na pagbabago vote DUterte-CAyetano!!!!!