Dad Left Son In Woods To Become ‘Man,’ STUNNED Who’s There When He Awoke

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A father wanted to teach his son how to be a man’s man, so he took him deep into the woods and told him to become a man, he must stay in the woods all night. There were four rules he had to follow. 1- he had sit on the same stump all night. 2- no matter how scared he became, he could not cry out. 3- he must not remove the blindfold that his father had placed over his eyes until he heard the birds singing the next morning, and 4- he must not tell any of his friends about this, because each boy must go through his own right of passage to become a man.

boy in woods

The boy sat on the stump all night. The night grew dark and cold, and though the boy became very frightened by the strange sounds he heard, he did not cry out in fear.

The boy was relieved the next morning, at the crack of dawn, when he heard the birds begin to sing. It was then and only then that he removed his blindfold and was shocked at who he saw there. Sitting on the next stump, right beside him, was his father. “I never left you,” his father told him. “I was here by your side the whole time.”

This story illustrates our heavenly father and his love for us. No matter how frightened we might be, and though we think we are alone, we are not. Our father is always right by our side, even though we cannot see him.


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