Curt Schilling Suspended From ESPN Over This Tweet About Muslims!!!


Curt Schilling Suspended for Tweet. Has Disney/ESPN gone to far?


America is becoming soft. The political correctness in post-modern America is like a cancer consuming our ability to think freely. If it was Catholicism instead of the Muslims that he said something against, that would have been okay. By PreApproved

Easy Al said:

What he said is really not that offensive. He may even have a legitimate point. But with the power of social media, and the apparent constitutional rights of people to never be offended, those comments are simply not allowed anymore. Which I think is wrong.

Sport Psychic said:

Was his tweet incorrect? If it was proper math, I’m with Curt.

JosephS3 said:

But Rosie O’Donnell can say absolutely anything on The View on ABC, which is also owned by Disney. Shilling didn’t even say it on TV; it was merely a “tweet.”

What do you think? Was ESPN fair or foul with suspending Curt Schilling?

  • Lonnie Allen

    It is time for the majority of real.American’s and real American citizens to tell ESPN to get lost and take a hike. If your racist program is going to the other un-American side we don’t need you. In fact just like those other racist minority lets just boycott ESPN for being such a un-American shit for one sided liberal views. BOYCOTT ESPN .!!!!;