Couple Crushed In Mangled Car, Then She Sees Who’s Smiling At Her Window

car crush 1

The beautiful young couple pictured below, Arika and Hunter, were flying down the road in Hunter’s truck doing 85 miles per hour when the truck swerved off the road and hit a pole head on.

car crush 2

Arika, who had been knocked our for a short period, came to and looked over and saw that Hunter’s head had gone through the windshield. He was not conscious.

car crush 3

Arika says she then looked outside the destroyed vehicle and she saw a man standing there, smiling at her. He was dressed in bright clothes and had a bright light shining all around him. A sensation of peace came over her.

What would later be found beside their nearly unrecognizable truck would provide proof, Arika believes, that the man she saw was her “guardian angel.” Or, as you will be able to tell from what the mystery item was, it may have been Jesus himself!

car crush 4

Miraculously, the couple only spent 48 hours in the hospital, and they walked out with only bruises and scratches. They didn’t have a single broken bone or any internal injuries.

When they returned to the scene of the accident, lying beside their truck was Hunter’s bible, and it was opened to a page of scripture informing the reader not to be afraid, because He has great plans for you.

What do you make of this? Was it a hallucination, due to the trauma of Arika’s injuries? Or was the couple spared by a higher power? Let us know your thoughts on our Consciously Enlightened Facebook page by clicking on this blue sentence. 

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