Counter Jade Helm Facebook Page Has Been Taken Down. Coincidence? I Dont Think So.


                                        Counter Jade Helm Facebook Pages Got Wiped Out, Just Before It Begins!

by DAHBOO777

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  • Sean Bigbabyjesus Ronan

    Hahahaha… all the user posts are still there, it’s just this nutjob, Pete, who made the page deleted everthing after the page was flooded with posts mocking him and the rest of the mouth breathers.

    Hey, Texas… why are you the home of so many military bases if you don’t want the military training in your area? Like, you petitioned to have them there. It was a bidding process that you “Won”.

  • Sean Bigbabyjesus Ronan

    The guy who made the page has even commented that HE took it all down due to liberal “Attacks” on the page… AKA he got made fun of so he took his ball and went home.