Cop Sees Something Familiar On Homeless Man, Then Realizes What He Has

cop homeless man

A homeless “vagrant” was harassing people at a gas station in Phoenix by just being there. He was sitting on the ground, not bothering anyone, but that was enough for a lot of people to call the cops.

When police arrived, one officer noticed two things about his feet. First, they were bare. The man didn’t even have socks, and his feet had been worn raw from walking. Secondly, his feet seemed to be about the same size as the officer’s.

The officer happened to have another pair of shoes in his squad car, as well as another pair of socks, and he not only gave them to the homeless man, he put them on him.

The homeless man tried to pay the cop for his kindness, but he wouldn’t take the money and said they were not a gift from him anyway, rather, they were a gift from God.

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