Cop Asks Homeless Man One Question, Then He Saw What Was At His Feet

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A homeless man in Cleveland, Ohio caused quite a “ruckus” recently, and residents of an apartment unit called in the police to handle the situation. When the cops came, one of them assessed the situation thoroughly, and he certainly took care of the matter.

57 year old Glenn Kline is a homeless man from Cleveland. When temperatures dropped to fifteen degrees during a snow storm, he found a stoop at an apartment complex and stay put. This was an outrage to the residents of the complex so they called the authorities. However, none of them went out to confront Kline.

When police arrived, Kline was asleep. “Passed out, drunk,” the residents of the apartment complex no doubt thought. However, upon inspecting the situation, one police officer, a 17 year veteran on the force, discovered that the reason Kline was unresponsive, was because he was freezing to death. He had no shoes on his feet and they were frozen. Had any of the apartment’s residents given enough of a concern over Kline’s well being as they did the “problems” he was causing them by simply being there, they would have seen this for themselves.

The 17 year verteran police officer actually gave the homeless man his own shoes and went home barefooted. They took Kline to the police station, not because he was under arrest- he wasn’t- but to allow him to warm up and be fed. The veteran police officer who gave up his own shoes requested not to be identified in this story, because it would detract from the reason he gave away his own shoes. Because it was the right thing to do!

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