Confirmation! Jade Helm Is Starting A Month Early And It Is Nation Wide!


Many people have been speculating, due to chatter they are hearing, that they probably haven’t been supposed to hear, in their local communities, that Operation Jade Helm 15 is going to start 15 June, a month ahead of its previously scheduled commencement of 15 July. Many believe this is the case because not all of the citizens of these great United States of America are asleep at the wheel. Many of them have been following the military build up across the Southern U.S., and elsewhere, and have refused to eat the information the Government has been feeding them, like good little pill popping sheeple.

Recently, the online watchdog group, Operation Jade Helm And Beyond received this message from a concerned citizen:

Just released yesterday for Washington County, MD. I saw reports that Jade Helm is actually supposed to be initiated June 15th. Is this going to be a nationwide event? I live along railroad tracks and over the past year have noticed monthly trains loaded with tanks.

The message included a screen shot of this message from the state Government of Maryland, a state which was not supposed to be a part of the exercises:

11353000_839065056130124_456811154_o (1)

So what’s the truth, people? More smoke and mirrors? The word from a Government agency that we should just accept as gospel without question? Or have operations been moved ahead, because the element of surprise is now gone?

Report anything out of the ordinary that you are seeing out there. Blackhawk flyovers, overly large military convoys, especially in strange places. Message us your intel, and we’ll get it out there anonymously. Follow us on Facebook at Operation Jade Helm And Beyond by clicking on this blue sentence!

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The Giver

Knowledge is power. That, plus experience, leads to wisdom, which trumps education any day.
  • Nameless App 1989

    Now would be a good time to stock up on needs, as we only have 12 days left….

    • Carla Cox

      Bit late for that.
      Don’t you think?

      • Debbie Rhodes

        They aren’t coming for us now. It’s not time. But we should heed this as a warning and make sure we have oil in the lampstands.

    • Gaijinman

      By Obambo Executive order all stocked up goods will he subject to reallocation

      • Nameless App 1989

        Obambo can just eat a you-know.

        • Gaijinman

          He might be gnawing on Michael’s right now

      • Randall W Berry

        They gona have to locate them first and when they do they can take the led to!

  • RubyRedd

    Nobody is listening. They think it’s a joke. I’m may have to say goodbye to people I love because I’m not going to go down without a fight!!!!

  • Carla Cox

    Are we ready for what is coming from our own government?
    There is way too much military equipment being set up for this to be a training exercise where they are supposed to “Blend In” with the civilians!
    Trouble is coming! Are you ready?

  • dilligaf421

    be alert…carry a weapon,if they start rounding people up, make for the woods so you can regroup at a later date and start blowing these assholes away.if you haven’t figured a bugout location, you’d better hurry.

  • Gaijinman

    The vile elite scum that have long hated America and Americans have their boots on the ground (illegally) and yet… in the minds of some mush heads like Sally Weaver, it’s all AOK cause the liars were ingenious enough to call it all “a drill”. We should invade Beijing while we’re at it and just send an email ahead of time letting them know “it’s just a drill!”… or perhaps we can stroll into Russia with all sorts of tanks and troops as long as it’s all… (drum roll) “just a drill!”

    • Tom Baker

      people need to know that a “drill” was taking place on 911 of planes hitting the towers, and a “drill” was taking place of a subway bombing in London the day it actually happened.

    • Soul Stealer

      Jade Helm: Is a computer program, kinda like…… Ah yes, skynet from Treminater. This program produces a holographic image of the entire earth and can produce a battle plan on a globle scale and can change it in minutes. It has the ability to pin point and determine its enemy’s next move

  • Susan Lopez

    I agree with Nameless App1989 Stock up on guns, ammo, food, water. emergency supplies. I have some food stocked but need to get more water My family and I have a place in the mountains where we will meet in case of a catastrophic event. Some people may read these things and not believe there is a problem. I believe Obama will cause a problem and may not step down as president.

    • Randall W Berry

      He wont because his ass will go to prison after this term is up and he knows it!

    • Bryan Piedramartel

      I’m not sure just stocking up on general supplies is enough, have you considered a long term solution. Depending on your consumption habits you could quickly run through your supplies in a week if not careful or if the personalities of your family members personally encourages themselves, to increase their consumption of resources during a hardship. Remember that when you aren’t guaranteed a steady supply of life resources, then you become less human and more animal like (so to speak) in your struggle to survive. The long term solution would be for local communities to come together and plan to hold together during a crisis such as a political takeover as we are witnessing. My recommendation is for each member in the community to learn a simple yet basic vocational skill that would improve the quality of the community. I can better explain this, lets say you have a neighborhood of wealthy practitioners (i.e. doctors, engineers, lawyers, and bankers just to use for this example) let’s say they have become aware of the crisis looming overhead and they stock up on supplies that you could just as easily produce on your own. The end would come when they are scrambling at each other’s doorsteps because (say these individuals bartering skills were lacking) it is not like they could grow crops or raise cattle easily since they did not invest in seeds or purchase calves, kids(goat babies), or young fowles. Or to have the know how to cut wood and or metals. This scenario I gave was leaning on the extreme end because I am sure that their are at least a number of individuals in the upper class community that think long term or the big picture of the crisis. I really hope you have considered the long term situation. Next are some things you should do and why you should know them.

      In any case take some time to learn some vocational skills like, say forging a rod of iron for metal work purposes or learning how to use one of many different wood cutting machines. Minus normal radial saws you commonly see in construction, I mean more like the industrial wood shops types like bands saws for getting precision cuts. Learn how to farm crops or homestead cattle or even both, if you live in a city then you could go for aquaponics, you get fish and some fruits or vegetables depending on internal and regional climate. These are just some examples of what you could do.

      If you live in a suburban neighborhood you’re also in luck unless you have multiple utility lines beneath your property. If you need a bodily waste dump when the water stops working then you could (permitting if there are no underground utilities) dig two 8-10 foot hole. It needs to be at least 8 feet and then you could have one for urine and the other for solid waste. That way the wastes don’t smell because apparently when urea mixes with your solid wastes is what makes the horrible smell when you go to the bathroom or if you have been to a porta potty you might know that terrible smell. The depth also matter so that if you have any illnesses that should it rains pending your region, the feces will not seep up from the ground if you only dug 4 or god forbid 1 foot under the ground to dispose of your wastes, because if so then those wastes will have seeped up from the shallow holes and cover the ground and if you get a cut it could very quickly become infected.

      These are some of the thing that if in a long term crisis should be looked into, the preparation for the short term is a sure way to get yourself in the supply mob later down the road should the crisis prolong or there be a lengthy recovery that is if there is a recovery. I hope the best for your endeavors for a crisis none the less, because every able minded person not occupied with seeking food and producing it themselves is going to be the community builder for tomorrow, at least in my opinion. Hope you can gain or find more on this information.

  • highlanderjuan

    Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That the American government is now controlled by sociopathic Zionist supporters, that the hidden elites are determined to cull the human population, that all governments everywhere lie to their own people, and that governments everywhere use force and violence to assert their controls over their people – should no longer be questioned. We have enough history to teach us how people in power act, and no, they have no empathy or sympathy for their own people, if for no other reason than they believe they, the master elites, are above the ‘cattle’ of mankind.

    The root question for all of us, of course, is why we allow the existence of any form of government at any level since government always turns against its own people. This lawless and unconstitutional American central government has bled the people dry of their wealth and prosperity, and the crime lords know very well that there are very hard times ahead. So, will government help the people? No, government will try to shut down the people and kill or imprison all of those who resist.

    I wouldn’t write these thoughts if government were a voluntary service organization for the people, but it’s not – government is just a huge force and violence driven plantation system, and the people are the slaves. Think about these things.

  • Sherri Benson

    well in the town i live in they have already informed us in our local paper that the texas state guard (which is who our governor has watching over the jade helm operations) will be training in our town 6/12-6/14 .. yes they train all the time..but not always with civilians as participants … they have not directly said utilities will be shut off then but they have inferred it .. because we all need to know what it would be like and practice this type of disaster … so true .. it could be nothing … but true it could be something huge … think about it .. why do you do tornado drills? .. because there will be tornado season and you need to know what to do …

    • Chris Roten

      Im manly laughin about the conspiracy people. Some of these comments are hilarious. I know all about the drills they down there.

      • Gaijinman

        What a mind conditioned buffoon… useful idiot much? Which of history’s conspiracy theories turned out to be false? Pol Pot? Mao? Stalin? Hitler?

        • Chris Roten

          U sit there all u want stock up on your guns go in to hiding all this bullshit these people are making up and freaking out about. Ya ll think this is some kind of take over ya lls a bunch of idiots. After all these drills go down and ots over i ll still be laughing at peoples comments on all these dumb ass sites. I just click on the shit to give me a good laugh.

          • Gaijinman

            I think you got that backwards Roten… it’s the government goons that are “stocking up” and in addition to that Obambo’s signed Executive Order that allows the same goons to reallocate whatever supplies inclusive of food and transportation any individual might have squirreled away in preparation for the inevitable whatever that’s coming.

            Plenty of fools would have been laughing if there was such a thing as an Internet in Hitler’s Germany at the wild “conspiracy theory” then too.

            Clearly you know nothing of history and/or you honestly believe that we’re magically exempt from repeated history just because… ‘Merica, Unicorns and Obamadust.

          • Joseph Cloninger

            It’s all part of agenda 21…everything since the Kennedy assassination. Even the repub-tards hero Ronnie Reagan, evil Bush Sr and ol Georgie W Porgie. Even the Demo-craps lovable Willie Clinton and Obummer, All these presidents are NWO puppets.

          • Amanda Altamirano

            Well, I guess Obama is going to get a big surprise when we tell him “no”. His executive orders can wipe my ass. Resist the devil and he will flee.

          • Randall W Berry

            Chris is to dumb to think for him self or read between the line’s better to be prepaired and not need it than not.

          • James Hall

            Both you guys need to read a history book. ….fuck the Internet go to the library (ya know that place with a lot of books) see a presidential speech by George HW Bush on Sept 11, 1991.

          • Vernon Cunningham

            well chris, truth or fiction,we old Marines refer to be prepared for anything that happens. better to be ready and not need it… etc. I personally think this will all blow by the wayside in the end. But I have my gear, my friends, and associates ready to respond. We go to the range regularly and are probably better marksmen than actie duty troops. after all, many of us have been where they are now.

        • James Hall

          Hey question if this is a conspiracy ” theory when on Sept 11, 1991 president Bush told the world about new world order, yet dumbasses like you watch sports or Know who the Kardashians are or you don’t understand what the new world order means for people like you. Jfk died cuz he told you…so even if it all bullshit, why the hell would they been trying to cause in up rise by telling people lies about their plans. Please I want to understand from someone like you how you don’t see what is going on when it’s happening right in from of you, bet your in debt just like most of America, have you ever wondered why. …’s called forced debt it where the banks purposely Keep you in debt by adding charge for this and that and most of the time your paying interest and nothing on principal, all apart of the plan to bankrupte america, they want you off their land wake up.

        • James Hall

          Sorry didn’t mean to Direct That towards you

      • James Hall

        Jade helm is apart of agenda21, which is part of the new world order plans, if you doubt that go to your local court house and ask about agenda 21, the agenda for the 21st century. New world order president George HW Bush told us on Sept 11, 1991. Wake the fuck up

  • Jeff Lawson

    I don’t think they will be using blanks. They will probably use the billions of live rounds they’ve recently baught. If you dont see a red or yellow blank adapter on the end of the barrel then you’ll know. Look up M16 blank adapter if you haven’t seen one before.

  • Gaijinman

    Oh yeah. Sarcasm. What part of JADE HELM do you believe to be a false Internet rumor?

  • Frank Castle

    Sally sounds like an ignorant liberal living in a bubble

    • Joseph Cloninger

      Whether she’s a repub-tard or a demo-crap it don’t matter. Same cheeks, different a-hole.

  • Dav Ste Allen

    Sally we would like to personally thank you for your support. We appreciate your efforts in aiding us during the assimilation process. We knew we could count on the trusting and simple minded nature of northern California population. Please have a nice glass of wine on us and we will be along to collect you shortly. We expect good things for you sally i hear talk of promoting you from mindless drone to organ donor. Thanks again for your support and see you soon.

  • Vernon Cunningham

    The silence from our federal government is most disturbing to me. If this were a drill, it seems the fed would want people to understad that it is an exerise designed to protect the population. But the silence is deafening. When has the government not disclosed such an exercise in advance to calm the population? And are the governors, of the states affected, on board with this? They should be talking of the benefits of this as a drill. But some governors are ramping up the local militias. seems they aren’t in the loop. and any fed troops should be authorized to come to a state by the governor. I wonder if we aren’t about to see mexico invaded by american forces.

    • James Hall

      It won’t be Mexico, chances are more like “isis” or China, or Russia, to many of our own wouldn’t turn against us as soon as they realize what they were going to do they wouldn’t fight. It’s the art of war.

  • mike much

    The matrix is a control system,and the illuminati control the matrix.
    We were born into this prison which is why we have no clue whats going on

  • mike much
  • mike much
  • James Hall

    To many people call themselves Patriots, yet none of you are. your country is being pulled out from under you and your letting it happen, please look up(at your local court house ) agenda 21, the agenda for the 21st century, the new world order plans, which I don’t know if you are too asleep to realize what that means, or what, our government will make it look like isis is attacking the usa but it’s been the plan for a long time people shut off your tv and your computer and go to the library. …… we’ve been lied to and brainwashed all our lives. Wake up

  • Marcelino Ben

    Sally is like the homosexual who watched the jews being carted off. When tha nazis ran out of jews to arrest they started killing homosexuals anf gypsies. Sally is oblivious.

  • Anthony Cole

    Tom Tippet you are a troll!

  • TanDaLayO

    I am flying to Mexico..and then to Iceland…

  • Crimson Babylon

    Wow–that’s today and we are still all here….

  • Sj cans

    I live in No. Calif. near Sacramento i have noticed train flat cars 1mile long with un marked tanks loaded on them headed east bound toward roseville and Friday June 12th 6 black hellocopters landing @ McClellan park a large closed AFB .Very Interesting Times!

  • Randall W Berry

    Thats right lmao!

  • Sonokar

    Well, it’s June 19 and nothing has happened.

  • luchia

    It’s June 22nd today, and nothing has happened, yet.

  • kathy

    Ever think this is the agenda worked up between obama and cruz. Why do you think they are doing everything to make sure trump does not win. Not letting people vote for trump. I think this goes a little deeper than just obama

  • steve reid

    Just remember the American people will not go down easy and we will fight to the end. If it has a blue helmet it is ans enemy PERIOD!! And as such I will defend my place, my famaly and all Americans against this vile pig in the white house.